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The Abduction of CES OREÑA-DRILON?

yes, that news scattered around the net today.
At first, what came into my mind when i heard the word “abduction” was “kidnap”.
But as a KAPAMILYA, i was worried of the safety of our abs-cbn news idol.
This come into my sense, when Jester of The Journal of the of the Jester-in-exile blog
twitted on this news..

screenshot of Jester’s twits on this issue…

i then search “abduction of CES ORENA-DRILON” in the net..and find some of the news posted…
But i am not one sided, i then browsed ABS-CBN news site and find below official statement..


Three members of our ABS-CBN news team, Ces Drilon, Jimmy Encarnacion, and Angelo Valderama, are in Sulu to pursue a story. As they have been out of
communication with our Desk for some time, we are now trying to determine their exact location.

The safety of our team is our utmost concern and we appeal to the public to avoid speculation until we ascertain the facts.

So i bet, they are just in a job, GOD speed to these people, i hope and pray the speculations scattered in the net are wrong…


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  1. Oh My God. This is such a shock.

    …Praying for the safety and soon return of these people who has no other intention but to just bring out news to the people of the country.

    So sad.

    Comment by Miki | June 10, 2008 | Reply

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