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Orange Brutus Celebrates 30th Anniversary

The home of sizzling burger steak, Orange Brutus celebrated its 30th Anniversary today at SM City Cebu – SM Foodcourt/Entertainment Plaza. OB or Orange Brutus, a Best Cebu Blogs of 2010 sponsor, expanded to at least 22 branches all over Cebu. You can visit their branches at SM City Cebu, Ayala Center Cebu, Emall or Elizabeth Mall, Colon, Lapu-lapu City and also in Mandaue City.

The raffle Prizes waiting at the stage

The event, dubbed as Saulog Pahalipay sa 30th Anniversary of OB held their Grand Draw of Raffles which gave at least major major big prizes like Nokia 7210 Supernova Cellphone, Kodak Digicam, Neo Notebooks, Sanyo LCD Television, Skygo Motorcycles – came in 3s which means there were 3 winners each of these items. And of course, the most highlighted prize, Trip to Boracay with 3 days and 2 nights stay.

Mr Brutus with his moves…woots!

The bugITs blogger was able to initiate a chit-chat with Orange Brutus Executive Assistant, Ms. Katrina Kay Kokseng-Misa as she welcomed me in the event. She is so sweet and hospitable. Moreover, I got a chance to meet and greet the woman of Orange Brutus, Madam Jocelyn Kokseng, mother of Ms. Katrina and the General Manager of OB. She thanked every Cebuanos who sincerely patronize their products.

Mr. Brutus: Can I join you guys? 😦 I think i’m the highlight in HERE

Mr. Brutus: Ahm, Hello? Why am I in the back?

Mr. Brutus: Finally! wooots…

ABS-CBN’s MagTV hosts were the stage captains as they threw their wits and talents just to entertain the crowd with the help of Cebu’s pride, KnapSack Dancers. The event can also be seen in Televesion, Channel 2 on November 7.

Happy 30th Anniversary OB, more power and keep bringing those fresh fruit shakes on the table!

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Tron Movie at iMax 3D

“Free Tron Movie 3D DVDRIP Download in torrent or mkv,rmvb format –looking for it? This post is a Preview review of Tron Movie, my apology”

October 28, 2010 – Thursday, I was lucky to be invited at a 20-minute movie preview of Tron at SM City Cebu iMax 3D, in courtesy of Walt Disney.

Excitement filled the Movie house as selected and invited audiences fell in the line for the registration and one by one claimed their 3D glasses. Together with other five Cebu Bloggers, we chose to sit at the left wing facing the white wall/ movie stage.

I remembered how my lucky charm touched my colleagues. During our way to our seats, I told them to sit beside me for you will win the raffle and I spoke it with my tongue-in-cheek. But what do you think really happened? Janmck Hilado, a friend and young online entrepreneur grabbed one of the TRON movie raffles. Wala! It’s my good luck charm as we did the HIGH FIVE!

Below is the details of Tron and its best to be watched in 3D at iMax.

Tron: Legacy is an upcoming sci-fi film scheduled for release on December 17, 2010 (US and Canada).  It is actually  a sequel to the 1982 film Tron.  The story is about Sam Flynn, a rebellious 27-year-old who is haunted by the mysterious disappearance of his father Kevin Flynn, a man once known as the world’s leading video-game developer.  When Sam investigates a strange signal sent from the abandoned Flynn’s Arcade—that could have only come from his father—he finds himself pulled into a world where Kevin has been trapped for 20 years. Continue reading here.

Generally, the Tron teaser did not really teased me that good. But for the story line, I tell you, it is a “if you are free this time”- watch movie.

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REVOLUTION, Vudu’s 9th Annual Halloween Costume Ball

Looking for a best Halloween party in Cebu? Search no more! Cebu’s very own Party house is offering you Vudu’s 9th Annual Halloween Costume Ball, REVOLUTION.

Together with other five Cebu Bloggers, the bugITs blogger was invited to scream till night and party ‘till drop at VUDU, Crossroads, Banilad Cebu City.

It’s Saturday night fever, get excited, feel the beat and scared while dancing the rhythmic sound of Hallowe’en at VUDU.
See you there!

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