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Abscess: Symptoms and Treatment

Do you remember the skin allergy i got from a jelly fish when i had my vacation last time?
Well this time, its not an allergy!
yay! as of this writing i am still having this f*ck|ng skin disease, abscess
commonly known here in Cebu as “matag tiki”.. I am partially healed
but i still feel the pain it gives! damn!

so, here it goes, i went to our company doctor to consult this disease last Monday morning,
she give me prescriptions, 2 capsule (one is for antibiotic and another for pain reliever), and an antibacterial ointment cost 276 PHP. yay!

my thigh was infected, huihuhuuh

actually, it started when i felt that one strand of hair in my thigh was removed, it irritated and i intentionally scratched it with my fingers until it get infected and walla! it became abscess! damn!
It swelled and you would barely saw the redness around the infected area.

this is my medicine kit, yay!

If fortunately, you will encounter the said disease, just follow below, this is what the doctor advise me to do for the past 2 days which i have filed a Leave of Absent..
1. Take the Antibiotic capsule thrice a day (this will depend to what your doctor prescribed you to do)
2. Together with the antibiotic capsule, you may take with the mafenamic acid, this will serve as pain reliever.

Clindal 300 g (antibacterial capsule) and Mefenamic Acid

3. Every four hours, apply warm compression
4. Apply antibacterial ointment twice a day (in my case, i applied it early in the morning and one before i sleep)

and my antibacterial cream!

and thanks GOD, as of now, i am partially healed, i will see the doctor tomorrow for farther treatment of just a follow-up consultation. yay!

October 22, 2008 Posted by | happenings, personal, skin allergy | | 19 Comments

Skin Allergy from JellyFish

i do not know what it is being called..
all i know is i am not liking IT!
i ask my lola, how to get rid of this skin allergy from a jellyfish
or i would say..JELLYFISHES!

one of the bitches which cause this allergy….

this is the result of last Saturday’s get together..
maybe one of the reason why that event is unforgettable one..
and as of this writing, this freak, itchy jellyfish bite (bite? huh?)..
is still in my skin! i want to get this out!

Look at these thingie!

HELP! how this be cured! huhuhu

May 26, 2008 Posted by | happenings, personal, skin allergy | | 3 Comments