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Extending Hands through TSINELAS

“This is not what Korina Sanchez is doing every Sunday in her charity works, this is for education not for the feet.”

Each small step can make a big difference” — a very simple but strong line that can touch people, lift their heart and let them fulfill the real story and purpose of their lives. These people had reserved their time for charity works which includes helping students with holistic formation through values formation and personality development seminars, spending for students’ basic school needs, helping teachers, parents and other members of the community in their task of providing quality education to students and lastly, helping improve school facilities. These goals were taken from the TSINELAS ASSOCIATION INC.

TSINELAS ASSOCIATION INC. is a non-government, non-stock, non-profit organization that gives educational assistance to poor students in mountain barangays and depressed areas in Cebu. Its vision, envisions a just and humane society where the basic right to education is upheld and where poverty is not a hindrance to learning. It is a society where those who have more in life help those who have less, and where everyone works for the common good. And these completes the group’s mission, commits to help in the educational formation of poor students, in the ongoing formation of those responsible for their education, and in ensuring an environment that is conducive to learning.

TSINELAS is composed of students, professionals, priests, seminarians and social workers sharing a passion to be of service to others.In short, everyone who has a big heart and a good will to help without even thinking of any return, you are invited. This might be your calling as part of the Christian family, join the organization now.

For more information and inquiries how to join or how to help through monetary assistance and the like, you are free to call and contact below details:

Lorenzo “Insoy” Niñal
Mobile #: +639228243800.

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CITE Novelty Items

I visited my Alma Mater last week in order to withdraw my TOR credentials
for the incoming enrollment on Bachelor of Science in Information And Technology at
Cebu Institute of Technology (CIT)…..
What surprised me when i got-in in the main building
are those items displayed in front of our Accounting Departments..
What came into my mind was that, on whatever ways, CITE, my alma mater,
will keep and stand on its mission to help the less privilege youth…
in what way? i believed the outcomes or the earnings of those CITE novelty items
will surely of a great help to the schooling of the said youth…
And samples are below:

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Am i that good?

I left the office at around 10:46 PM
I rode a jeep (PUJ) going to highway..
I then rode another jeep going to my place….

On my way home..i noticed a guy standing beside an old sari-sari store
but as you know me, i am not that “Chismoso” to ask him “what are ya doing in there”
He looked unfamiliar, it seemed he is new in our barangay..

Anyways, i then proceeded to walk..
when i was about to turn left, i noticed him following me..
I have this kind of a feeling…imagination then ran out on my head..
“what if he will rob my things?”
“what if he will kill me?”
“what if………”

I was stopped when he suddenly talked..
“bro do you know the way going to Highway?”

I was calmed then..
hmmmm.. so as a son of GOD..
I taught him the right way
and of course accompanied him to that place..

i expected no reward on that time
what i had i mind is that in that time of night
you can’t trust anyone ..knowing our society nowadays..
so after then, i asked myself…
Am i that GOOD? naks!

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