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Wanted: Waway

Cebu’s top subject of serial killings, rape and other crimes…. WAWAY!
At first, i thought this is just another old legend created by some folks which its story hits Cebu’s Chart.They said, Warlito Toledo or fearfully known as WAWAY is just a simple individual but this simplicity had changed when his wife became a victim of rape and his whole family was murdered. Some said, this is his ultimate revenge.. Hmmm, anyway, what i heard from my neighbors is that WAWAY has a Dark unexplainable power.. As what the common had interrogated on how he could enter one’s private house.. First, he will kneel down to the slippers available outside the said house, then, took a little dark spell, and after it… the owner of the said slipper will wake up unintentionally and will open the door and let the killer take in and there the crime begin.. hmmm! seems like WAWAY is not just for horror/suspense..he could also account himself to SCI-FI! LOL 🙂 🙂 🙂
Furthermore, it is also been said that the said figure was captured and sent to jail in DANAO, Cebu where he, quote-unquote did the first crime…As of this writing, his pictures were posted to some places here in cebu containing his name… WANTED:WAWAY!

Click below for his picture:

October 21, 2007 Posted by | crime, happenings, personal | 13 Comments