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WOW! Clarence asked me if i am anxious this coming Tuesday (First day of class of SY 2008-2009) and i answered, “i’m not”..what i really feel right now is that i am worried if i can make it with my very hectic schedule.. i ask myself if i can still manage to take a bath before going to school or to work…and i am worried because for sure, STRESS will come to my life again! but i feel challenged because THIS IS IT! this is my opportunity to finish school with bachelor degree! one day to go…help me GOD.

Well, earlier today i went and shopped at PENSHOPPE booth inside GAISANO, MACTAN located at Pusok, Lapu-lapu City, a 10-15 minutes drive away from the company i am working currently. At first, i planned to buy boxer briefs, handekerchiefs, bags (one for school and one for work) and a jeans. But when i checked my wallet, i only saw 1000.00 PHP…damm! how can i manage to buy those things..grrrrrrrr! so i decided to prioritize my priorities, i bought these things!

Penshoppe items which i bought with my 1000.00 pesos cash in
more SHOTS here ..

First, i bought a PENSHOPPE sling bag for MEN, and there is a story behind
It goes like this..I was shy when the salesMAN come to me and ask if i am part of a local band. My mind played around thinking if i will say yes and ask if what band they are describing to.. but i am just so honest and replied..”no i am not, im just an ordinary lad who loves music but music NEVER loves me”..with that answer, the salesMAN laughed and his co-worker a damn hot sales lady come to us closer and then said and asked..”what happen to you two..what the topic?” (she laughed) then asked again..”hello sir, are you part of a local band here?” …
Whhhhahaaaaatttt? what the hell are they saying.. i am just a TALL, DARK and UGLY individual..damn! are they joking or what? but mind you, the two are very serious for that question since they keep on asking such during my stay there looking for PENSHOPPE handkerchief and a HAND BAG.

PENSHOPPE sling bag for MEN..very cool in just PHP 679.00..

PENSHOPPE hand bag in just PHP 379.00

PENSHOPPE handkerchiefs, in just PHP 89.00 indeed!

so i hurriedly went to the counter present my SLING BAG(men) , 2 pieces of handkerchief and a HAND BAG.. even though there is a separate clerk or i may say a CASHIER, the salesMAN replaced her and did the typing/encoding of the items.. after such, he then said..”Thank you for shopping here at PENSHOPPE sir, please be back always..” then i replied “sure, if i need something…thanks anways!” and when i am about to go, the salesMAN asked in follow-up “sir, i really want to know if you are part of a local band..” and then a quick response came out in my mouth..”promise, i am not”.. i then went out!

huh! those experienced keep my mind thinking what band are they referring to..but anyways, i am so happy that i have bought those things and i do not know but i believe that i am ready for this School year… good luck to all schoolers out there!


June 8, 2008 - Posted by | happenings, lapu-lapu, penshoppe, personal


  1. uhm…
    mas anxious ko kay tungod naa nay mu libre nako sa pungko2x 😆

    Comment by clarence | June 8, 2008 | Reply

  2. hala kinsa kaha ang moblire bai? sultii niya ko ha para makakuyog ko nimo kay magpaapil ko sa libre! aheheh

    Comment by tanom | June 8, 2008 | Reply

  3. Wa pa lagi ko kakita nimo sa CIT! Ni-skwela na ka?

    Comment by Kevin Ray N. Chua | June 15, 2008 | Reply

  4. ui niskol nako bai! busy lang guro kaayo ka! aheheh

    Comment by tanom | June 15, 2008 | Reply

  5. Daghang salamat sa pagpost ani penshoppe thingy. Ga search search ra ko sa internet ug how much ning penshoppe handkerchief… kay kapoy man adto sa syudad… =)
    thanks kay now kabalo nako how much…. =)

    Comment by Jin Ichimaru | May 14, 2009 | Reply

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