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May 2 is World Bloggers Day

Even though blogging already existed for how many years now, a World Bloggers Day is not yet realized until May 2, 2010 when Cebu Bloggers Society executive officers launched the first and official World Bloggers Day at North 2 lobby, Parkmall Cebu. This first WBD is celebrated by not just Cebu Based Bloggers but so with bloggers outside the region who posted a feature of WBD just to give inputs and also celebrate the momentous day online. In short, the first WBD is an online and offline celebration of all bloggers worldwide and again, CBS made a history as they initiated the first and successful World Bloggers Day.

The World Bloggers Day setup

During the event, Parkmall Cebu, event’s venue, unveiled its offer to all Cebu Based Bloggers for the blogging contest which will occur monthly. Blogging Contest mechanics are available in their website and cool prizes are waiting for the winners.The contest is binded with theme and will change every month. And for this month, the theme is subject to FOODS. On the same day, the bloggers attendees chose a bet for the blogger of the day award, and a CBS member, in the name of Ricky Dela Cruz grabbed the Spa GC worth 1.7 K. The blogger of the day was selected through the outfit they are wearing as WBD event is themed to “the castaway bloggers“.

Rabsin’s masterpiece

For World Bloggers Day would not mean a worldwide celebration if we cannot hear any inputs from different blogging communities here in the Philippines, dubbed as the number one blogging country in Asia. In this part, I would like to give thanks and appreciation to all Presidents and Heads of these communities for the effort and time that they were spending. Special mention to the following:
Manila Bloggers ———————————————————————- Azrael Coladilla, Head
Davao Bloggers ———————————————————————– Ria Jose, President
SOCKSARGEN Bloggers ————————————————————– Avel Manansala, Head

With my Lil bro and sis in FB, Jollan and Miki

The crowd/bloggers enjoying the food

And of course, the momentous event was not a successful one if not because of the following sponsors, partner and organizers:

Parkmall Cebu, for the hospitality and for providing as the venue so with the foods from their tenants
Parkmall Food Tenants, for the Food expo display and the delicious food they are offering to shoppers
Atty. Ethelbert Ouano and Andrew Buenaviaje, for hosting the event
To our registration panel, Ricky dela Cruz, Ms Wilhelmina Sarawi and Agnes Jimenez.
To Jimmy Villaflores, who became the official designer of this momentouse event. He designed our Pin, logo and website banner.
To all attendees, CBS and non-cbs Bloggers.

And to these feature posts regarding the event, thank you very much.
Ariel Lalisan – World Bloggers’ Day: A Celebration of Empowerment
Fjordan Allego – Today is World Bloggers’ Day!
Earthling Rullan – Happy 1st World Bloggers Day!
Jennifer Legaspi-Aspacio – May 2 is World Bloggers Day

May 2 is World Bloggers Day, rest assured a big and extravagant WBD on the following years will come and this time, hoping to cater and invite all famous and influential bloggers on Earth.

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