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Cafe Elysa, Parian’s Pride

First of all, my salaMUCH to my blogger friends who invited me in this soft opening, Mr. Doyzkie Buenaviaje, Jude Bacalso and of course, our very own Nayki Cagulada for the drive .

Cafe Elysa is not your ordinary Cafe as it combines the local and travel inspired cuisine from France, South Asian and others.Steve Aznar, the owner,initiates the travel inspiration of this elegant dining spot. The name was a blend of his Mother’s name Elysa. The cafe offers more than a traditional menu, from its appetizer to the main course and of course the yummy Dessert, they got them all for an exclusive dining for you.

bugITs blogger and the owner, Steve Aznar

With fellow Cebu Bloggers

Without further ado, I will be presenting to you my favorites.

Pinoy Lumpia – the very crunchy Pinoy cuisine is best served with their tasty sauce. I think I consumed one serving on this! yummy indeed!

Chicken Liver Pate – I am not actually a fan of Liver pastes paired with toasted bread or any bread but when i tried there version, I say, this is not just a try but a MUST-EAT!

Ceviche – This is the word that collapses me to enternity! It is actually my first time to hear the english term for Kinilaw, yes it is Ceviche! In Cafe Elysa;s version, they have this raw tangigue fish cooked in normal vinegar and finished with some spices.

Banana Apple Fritters – Sumptuously done, I finished almost 2-3 pieces of this sweet. I so love the taste and I bet its the syrup that made cravings!

Furthermore, Cafe Elysa can be loated in the sketch below. And they are open from Tuesday – Sunday (11:00 am – 3:00 pm) and (6:00 pm – 10:00 pm). They closes every Mondays.

Photo Credit: Chai Rico

Get your dog a sombrero

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Red Box Karaoke at The Terraces, Ayala Center Cebu

Where do you commonly hear this song, “Too Much Love Will Kill You…“? Yes you are right, at Karaokes!

September 2, 2010 (Thursday) – Together with Cebu Bloggers Society members and other local media personnel, I was so fortunate to witness and got a private preview of the first “one of a kind” karaoke outfit here in Cebu, the Red Box Karaoke.

With CBSi SIngers. woots!

A unique brand of entertainment plus a creative and contemporary interiors of each rooms and other facilities will definitely set your mood to a singing aura. Red Box aims to provide customers with a safe and comfortable yet modern environment perfect for karaoke enjoyment. An about 100,000 songs stored in their song library, costumers have a vast range of choices and trust me, you will be satisfied with the latest song they have.

Teh Red Box Karaoke Hallway, very nice!

Moreover, Red Box offers food and beverage options to fit the needs of every customers. Enticing foods and finger dishes for cocktail type are served depending on what you like.

Sumptuous Foods served! yum2x!

Karaoke has been the best and favorite pastime of every Filipinos in the country, and because of that Red Box offers more than we expected as they provide the following four time segments especially made to fit the customer’s lifestyle and can absolutely relieve your stress away:

The Red Box Karaoke inside preview

Lunch Hour
Time: 12:00 noon – 3:00 PM
Per Head Rate: PHP 299.00
Eat All You Can Buffet
Free Room Use During Lunch Hour

Happy Hour
Time: 3:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Per Head Rate: PHP 199.00
1 free Drink
Free Room Use During Happy Hour

Primetime Hour
Time: 7:00 pm – 12:00 midnight
Per Head Rate: PHP 299.00
2 free Drinks
Free Room Use During Primetime
* P 399 per head on Fridays and Saturdays
* Additional P199 per head for the eat all you can dinner buffet
* available from Sunday to Thursday only

After Hours
Time: 12:00 midnight – 04:00 AM
Per Head Rate: PHP 199.00
1 free Drink
Free Room Use During After Hours

But before you grab the microphone and step-up into the stage, RED BOX has offered tips for you to check-in:

READY yourself before you take your place on the stage! Make sure you warm up your voice before you SING. Remember to inhale and exhale slowly and hum along to a song or two to relax your muscles
ENERGY – All warmed up? Good! It’s time to show them what you’ve got and have an awesome time doing it. Keep your ENERGY level at an all time high and reach that note with confidence!
DARE to try something different. Yes, we dare YOU! Let loose and leave your worries behind.
BREATHE – The key to great karaoke is simple, all you need to do is BREATHE! Breathe in from your diaphragm and use only your mouth. Come on, gve it a try!
OPEN – There is no time to waste and tehre is no need to be shy, so make sure you open those vocal chords and song those lyrics!
eXPRESS – Make the most of your Red Box experience, so go ahead, feel free to express all your emotions, whatever they may be! Keep in mind to have fun and be yourself!

General Information
Red Box Karaoke (Armada Entertainment)
G101 Garden Level, Ayala Center Cebu,
Lagoon Development Center, cebu City
Telephone Number:
(032) 417 1675

Moreover, Red Box Karaoke continues to innovate itself thru incorporating alternative recreation option such as poker and billiards at no extra cost. For redefined karaoke experience, choose only Red Box!

Photos Credit: Michael Sinjin Pineda

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Live the healthy way, get Halal Certified Products

Halal – Is it a new a word for you? Or sounds like Halalan? Well, it’s not what you think. A new trend of listing all products in a well-defined manner is definitely a hit online. There is what we call Halal food guide that would surely assist every consumers and costumers in picking up their Like and Needs. This is how Halal Certification helps us.

What is Halal and it’s Certification?

Halal is an Arabic word meaning lawful or permitted. The term is also used to designate food seen as permissible according to Islamic law. This is not just a Muslim-related certification but is applicable internationally, meaning, the certification is in its international basis. Moreover, this repository does not just list-in all Halal Certified products but there is always a review and brief description of the said product which provide guidance to every online purchaser of products.

If you are in a stage of doubt and don’t know what to purchase or buy for your family, then Halal products guide will help you decide for that. Now, be in the buzz! Get updated on Halal certified food and products in Facebook , the number one social networking all over the globe.
Don’t stay behind, live the healthy way and eat Halal foods!

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