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Let us start with Garry:
well, i do not really hear it right, if the name Garry is the right name
for the other daughter of Mr. Gaby Concepcion.
I saw her in the Star patrol segment of TV Patrol World in abs-cbn
i grabbed my cellphone and took a picture of hers..
i am so sorry for these are not in good quality..

more pictures here…

Now for Lizard:
As i do my daily routine, resting in a small nipa hut
which is near in our house and just a stone away,
I saw a lizard having different color of tail from its body..
it seems that it is its new tail..
Are lizards, has this kind of capability? i do not know…

more here…

And for the Graduation:
My youngest brother, Francis is now graduating from Preparatory
and out of about 50 plus students, he stands out as 5th Honors..
Today at 9 AM, they will be attending a baccalaureate mass
and tomorrow is his BIG day..
and as of now i do not know what to give as a prize..

more here…
this is what i had wrapped for his offering in the said mass..

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