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Halloween Trick or Treat @ Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort

Christians or even some non-Christians observed the annual holiday on October 31, the so called Halloween. Lots of activities were attended and enjoyed such as cosplaying (wearing costumes), ghost tours, bonfires, apple bobbing, visiting haunted attractions, telling ghost stories and the most participated and savoured by most children is the Halloween Trick or Treat!

Here in Cebu, October or even early September, Christmas Season has started. Thus, Halloween is also related to visiting some Christmas attractions and venues. But what Maribago Bluewater Beach Resorts can offer this year is their uniqueness celebration of spooky Halloween by the Beach.

Fun-filled activities are cooked and with appearance and cooperation of our friendly Dolphine, Dolpo!

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What are you waiting for? Call and do a reservation!

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Proactiv Works! Facebook game

Facebook gaming is the most visited application in Facebook by most FB users. But the gaming has leveled up to another step – to the high level! A very challenging facebook game which entices everyone to keep and aim for the high score! What is this? It’s Proactiv Works! Facebook game.

Instead of wasting your time in browsing and working with some nonsense games online which may add stress to your life, why not follow and play this game and savour the prizes afterwards?

After 2 tries, I ranked 9 (as of September 26) and I am enjoying the game. But what keep me playing this game? Well, not just because I, in real life is having a skin problem, but when you win this, you can get free Proactiv 30-Day Kits. Note that if you will order and buy this kit, it cost you for about PHP 2,495. Proactiv Solution is the World’s number 1 Anti-Acne Solution! With Proactiv acne and pimple fighting skin care solution , you can clear up your face, out stand from the crowd and the same time rank 1 on the game. True to speak, this is everybody’s LIKE!

The Proactiv Site with Katy Perry

Here is how to play Proactiv Works! Facebook game:

1. First, login to your facebook account and cllick this URL
2. Choose “I accept” button and click game
3. Select Your model

4. When the game starts, click on the pimples as fast and as accurate as you can! You have one (1) minute to do this. Your score is based on the number and type of pimples cleared and how accurate your clicks were.
5. The highest score wins! Remember: There’s no limit on the number of games you can play.

A very easy game which can relieve your stress away plus the background music which suits your soul as you play, there is nothing more you can ask for! But wait, there’s more, this is real!

If you buy a Proactiv Solution Kit online, from August 15 (Sunday) to October 15, 2010 (Friday) , you can win the very famous and most grabbed gadget Apple iPad! This gadget is the best way to experience the online activities such as email, photo browsing or uploading or tagging, video watching, e-book reading and a lot more. Note, November 11,2 010 – Thursday is the raffle day.

What are you waiting for? Want to get rid of your pimples for real? Follow Proactiv Solution Philippines on Facebook , play the game , buy the kit and win iPad!

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Justin Bieber Kisses Jasmin Villegas

Is this the latest scandal? I think not! The 16-year old Jasmin Villegas, opening act of Bieber’s concert tour and who happens to be the co-star in music video “baby”, made a lip-locking session in the back seat of a Honda Car with Justin last September 9, at Venice California.

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And because of that, Jasmin Villegas has been part of Twitter’s top trending topic, aside from Glee cast, Charice Pempengco!

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