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Lando is BACK!

Thanks GOD he will not hit Cebu but we experienced rainy and floody sessions here last Monday..
and of course, as a frustrated photographer..
i can’t help but to take a shot in every flood and exciting scenery
i found but only the two below are the best for me..
but anyways, i will not be happy even though LANDO does not work with us here in central visayas
but our brothers and sisters are suffering there in the upper part of Philippines..

so let us pray!



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I hate LANDO!

yeah! you heard it right! i hate LANDO.. he is not a he.. i mean he is not part of my family nor my relative! i hate him!
Last Monday, i was sleeping in my bed when i felt the strong breeze above my skin.. i felt the coldness ..
and outside, i heard the roaring of thunder and splashing of water in the rivers..
i knew it was LANDO.. he did it .. i knew!

so, due to the nuisance made by this inconsiderate form of nature’s bad effect! i woke up!
I opened the window of my house and there! i saw trees are green, …… red roses too.. no! no! thats not what i mean.. LOL
i saw trees are brought down! Electric wires were broken which made the whole Metro cebu blocked out from light!
I saw people from here. there and everywhere… shockingly and unhappily moved or transferred from their home to their neighbor’s house…


Thats why! i hate LANDO! i hate IT!
yes you heard it RIGHT! LANDO is not a HE!
I hate that storm called LANDO! i hate it!
grrrrrrrrrrrrrr! and now im back at the office
but before that i heard that another storm called MINA is going to hit Eastern Part of Visayas! grrrrrrrr!

November 20, 2007 Posted by | happenings, personal, storm | 8 Comments