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Converse Philippines MEGA SALE at SM City Cebu-Tradehall

40% to 70% discount is offered to selected Converse items like footwear, apparel and accessories

The Converse Mega Sale is held at SM City Cebu-Tradehall 2 & 3, 3rd Level Bldg.C. | December 17 to 20, 2009

Leaflets below was given at SM City Cebu ground.

Hey, Converse is on mega sale. What are you waiting for? Grab those money and rush to SM. Now na!

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Thursday – Shoe Tie Style (Checkerboard and Double Lattice)

I woke up early in the afternoon around 6 pm and i didn’t have something to do.. so i looked up my shoe lacing styles handouts.. and took a practice to my shoes.. hmmm.. what if i used 2 styles in my shoes? 1 in the other and another style in other pair? so i then decided to used, checkerboard and Lattice style which is now being doubled.. weeeeeeeeee.. look at the result! wahahahaha

Here is the Double Lattice Style

Side View!

And here goes the cobination…

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Wednesday – Shoe Tie Style (Checkerboard)

weeeeeeee.. im glad to post this picture i made for my first style of shoe knot! this is what they called weave, i don’t know if this is correct! aheheh, actually, i just copied the style from the email that i have just received and there you go! i successfully did it!

This is my work! while below is the one i shoot in the department store during my search for my FILA shoes!

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