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Sam Milby Loves Pokwang with Acel and Donita Paner

[From Left: Mr. Joey Nolasco, a good person who invited 5 Cebu Bloggers to witness the event. At the Right: In Pink, is my HR manager, Cecil Vence, who is a daughter of Mr. Nolasco]

[We are actually five in number but the other member failed to attend due to the event at SM City Cebu, Pyroworks contest]

I thought this Concert (which happened last January 16, 2010 at Cebu City Coliseum) is a flop coz it started an hour late as scheduled. Thanks to Michael Jackson who appeared as guest and heated the stage with his unbreakable moves and shouts. Yeah, its Michael Jackson, the look-a-like. After two to three dance appearances, here came my idol, Acel Bisa rendered two to four songs including One Love (Spring Waltz Theme SOng) and Torete. Everyone sang along with her. But when the host described the next talent, everyone went crazy. Just when the music of Lady Gaga, Bad Romance played, everyone was amazed on the lady in Lady Gaga suit walked in to the stage and performed. Everyone was definitely entertained, laughters were everywhere. Someone even shouted, “I Love You Pokwang!”.

[Pokwang, the Lady Gaga Show!]

[Sam Milby with the crowd. If Pokwang filled the Cebu City Colisuem with Laughters,
Sam killed every chicks and ladies to death with his songs]

I saw her in Wowowee, Banana Split and others but nothing compares to the live comedy performance of this ABS-CBN talent. Pokwang is still the best, of course next to the original, Comedy Queen, Ai-Ai Delas Alas. And to complete the night was the tandem of her with Sam Milby. Witty Jokes were thrown here and there. Everybody enjoyed and I bet, this show was one of the successful performances which happened just before the Sinulog 2010. The complimentary ticket made my night. Thank you to Mr. Joey Nolasco, who happen to be the father of my Human Resource Manager and friend here in the company where I am connected.

[Left: Sam and Pokwang with their witty jokes. Right: Acel Bisa singing One Love, song from Spring Waltz]

Click here for more Sam & Pokwang One Night Only Concert Pictures

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Pyramid by Charice Featuring Sean Kingston – Mp3 and lyrics

Are you eager to listen this anticipated single from our very own Charice Pempengco? Me too, since it was allegedly said that Sean Kingston participated in the song and hell ya, Sean is my fav RnB singer.

But before anything else, i also heard that Warner Bros confirmed that this leak of Pyramid song is not the official single which is soon be released this month. After i downloaded and listened the song, i thought it was not Charice because i heard the voices of Beyonce and Rihanna. But generally it is good, or i may say the best ned to Note To God single.

Here is the glimpse of her Pyramid lyrics

Stones, heavy like the love you’ve shown
Solid as a ground, we know
And I just want to carry on
We took it from the bottom up
And even in a desert storm
Steady as a rock we hold

And for Filipinos who are working abroad, please help Charice climbs up to Billboard hot 100 by requesting this song in radio stations located in US and Canada. You can see more instructions here how. For the free mp3 download of Pyramid by Charice Featuring Sean Kingston, well i still do not know where but i just heard the song in some sites.

Way to go Charice and Go Pinoy!

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Sean Kingston – Fire Burning Lyrics, MP3 and Music Video Download

Somebody call 911!

Sounds Familiar? Yes! another great music from my favorite Sean Kingston. Ever since, i am an avid fan of this black-colored individual who is behind those ‘beautiful girl’ music sydrome, not to mentioned the ‘Me Love’, ‘Take you there’ and a lot more.. i have them in my MP4. And now, he is back with his latest single, Fire Burning (i have the mp3 in my C50-Cherry Mobile phone, in my PC at home and office and also in my mp4 — am i that addict? not so!) So what urged me to post about this song is their music video with different versions of dancers (from hip-hopers, ballet, dancesporters, street dancers and others) and the dance choreography is well presented, the moves are simple and thus, i foresee, this will be the next dance craze for 2009, next to Florida’s Low.

Note: Sean Kingston come back song is currently in Billboard top 100 specifically on top 10 ranked on the fifth as of this writing…

Here is the screen shot of their official music video and the lyrics will follow.

Free Sean Kingston Fire Burning MP3 download
Watch Sean Kingston Fire Burning Official Music Video
Check  Sean Kingston Fire Burning Lyrics

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