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Meteorite in Mazsalaca, Latvia is a HOAX

If you received an email regarding this Meteorite fall last weekend at Latvia and then you believed, sorry it was affirmed that the message and the video is a hoax and need to be ignored.

Expert of Scientific Council at the University of Latvia’s Institute of Astronomy, confirmed that Latvia Meteorite Video of Meteor in Mazsalaca, Latvia is a big HOAX. The video which was already showed all over the world through youtube, was taken by a group of students who said they have heard the meteor strike.

For the experts, here are reasons why the Latvia Meteorite Video of Meteor in Mazsalaca, Latvia is a HOAX:

1. There was green grass inside the crater despite the intense heat supposedly generated by the meteorite.
2. The impact crater, initially reported as 10 metres deep, was actually only 3 metres including a lip of soil a metre high around the hole.
3. There was neither ejected material from the hole nor any fragments of meteorite on the surrounding land.

At the end, Dr Dr Ilgonis Vilks, chairman of the scientific council, confirmed that it was a ball of clay that was burning.

For the record, Earth experienced bombing of celestial objects every year but cannot reached the earth’s surface for they are vanished or melted into pieces in the atmosphere. it was last 2007 that Earth’s experienced the last meteorite strike on the land which is situated at Lake Titicaca in Peru. It left a crate 12 meters wide and 5 meters deep.

If you have not seen the video yet, click here for YouTube – Latvia Meteorite Video of Meteor in Mazsalaca, Latvia.


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