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Fun Starts at School, My Idea of Fun

What is your IDEA of FUN? A question that entails a meaningful story

When I was in grade school, our teacher told us a story about this teenager and it started with a line “I’m happy, I am now 10 and 5…”. After that, she asked us, how old is the main character of the story, and some of us answered 10 while others said 5, but it’s actually 15. A group of my classmates amazed and asked how come they didn’t notice it. But for me, I had hard time thinking how old really is the character…this phase of guessing and thinking is a delight. Since grade school, I am treating education and schooling as enjoyable pages of a person’s life.  And until now, it is a great FUN and it never fails me to get excited when the season of “papers and pen” comes.
But FUN is not just to go and be happy with some useless stuff. My idea of Fun is to accomplish this F.U.N formula that I believe in and will contribute a lot in our life’s endeavor and struggle.

A close shot of my book, pens and note which will be used for my schooling, my biggest FUN in life

Finalize your Education
This is my first and foremost priority, not just for my own good but for my life’s satisfaction and success. Success in the way that I would accomplish all my needs and obtain my greatest FUN in life, boosted Career and well-built future family.  The best way to obtain this is to finalize and to take a good education.  I bet everybody knows about it and hope to treat this as part of their FUN life.

A shot of CIT’s Main Building where most of the common subjects of different colleges are tackled. Photo Credit: James Toledo

On June 16, my 4th year and last year of schooling will start. I’ve been studying for two years already in Cebu Institute of Technology where I always do a FUN learning. Because I enjoyed schooling, I am now ready for the school opening and hopefully, I will spend my FUN school time throughout the semester with ease and smile.

Got a shot of my things for school, my notebook and bag with the forever useful Encyclopedia Americana

Utilize the Knowledge
How useless would it be, if a person spent many years for good education and in the end, will just sit back and assumed nothing happens?  We must use our earned knowledge. This is our tool outside, in the real world, in the battlefield — this is our shield and with this, we will be successful and the ultimate FUN will be accomplished.

Above is a picture taken from Cebu Bloggers Society’s Bloggers Social Responsibility (BSR). Our Co-CBS member, Melith taught high school students about computer basics. This is how CBS utilizes its knowledge, a great way of sharing the FUN.

Negate the Unnecessary
In my own dictionary, to negate means to eradicate. Thus, we must eradicate the unnecessary things and happenings in our life in order to obtain the much awaited FUN. How to eradicate those? Well, very simple, focus on the bright side of life, work with it, expand and give it a heavy value to your life, enjoy with it, love it, experience with it and lastly, make FUN with it  —  Just focus and be optimistic.

Remember, Unnecessary is synonymous to unneeded; obviously means, those things which are unnecessary are not needed in our life. Live life to the fullest and focus on the good things around you.

At first people assumed that Gabii sa Kabilin event here in Cebu was a tiresome activity but as the event went on, we, CBS participants felt at ease and had enjoyed the culture and traditions that Cebu has. LEFT: A shot from the Gabii sa Kabilin Event.
RIGHT: By focusing on the output of this event, 6 CBS members aggressively cleaned the walls,posts and nearby buildings at Pari-an St so with Colon and Mabini St. A result was a never-ending FUN of food trip and story telling. Photo: A picture of me cleaning the wall just near the Parian Monuments

FUN doesn’t always mean activities that are enjoyable or amusing. Sometimes, we ignore those people, events or activities in our life which at first, we treat them as hassle bugs. But if we just swim and explore deeply on them, then we will find out that real FUN is there waiting for our embrace. This is how I formulized my idea of Fun, Finalize your Education + Utilize the Knowledge + Negate the Unnecessary = ultimate FUN. How about you?

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Feliz Cumpleaños to all MARK

So what is the significance of the month MARCH? It is not just the month to know the new batch of DOST Scholarship passers; it is not just season of celebrating the Philippine’s Fire Prevention Month; it is not just a kick-off party of SARAP MAGBABAD PARTY of San Miguel Beer rather not just the month of all Technologians who hail maroon and gold while enjoying our College Days celebration specifically on March 2 and 3 ———————- Yes, MARCH is not just because of those.

Just a shot of my gift from my TIMEX-IT Department Family. Thank you very much!

 I think MARCH is definitely dedicated to all MARK in the whole world. I’ve known lots of them and some of whom shared the same views in life and are/is colleague/s of a certain organization. Happy Birthday to all my MARK friends!

 To MARK GALLARDO, a friend and a colleague of Cebu Bloggers Society, Happy Natal day ngay! – March 2, 1987

 To MARK ANTHONY BOISER, a close friend and a former member of DOST SA CEBU (Department of Science and Technology Scholars Association of CEBU), Maayong adlaw natawhan ngay! – March 7, 1985

 To all of you who are MARK or not MARK, a blogger or not a blogger, a friend or a foe but is celebrating your special day today —- Feliz Cumpleaños to all!

Early last weekend, yesterday and today, text messages, emails and some greetings flood me to joy as I celebrate my 23rd birthday today. To the following people who are close to me, thank you very much for not forgetting my special day:

  • To my family and relatives,
  • To all members and BOTs of Cebu Bloggers Society,
  • To all my PLURKadas,
  • To all FACEBOOK hangouters,
  • To my long-time DOST SA CEBU family,
  • To all TECHNOLOGIANS (CIT Classmates and friends),
  • To all original CITE Bugits,
  • To my High School barkada and friends
  • To my TIMEX and IT Department colleagues and officemates,
  • To all my blogger friends,
  • To my other friends
  • To those who forget due to some busy matters

 I know that you know I cannot give you something in return for your kindness but I do believe that you will accept my simple but meaningful THANK YOU.

PS: You my refer here, for the 2010 DOST Scholarship Passers/2010 DOST Scholarship Exam Results, Congratulations!

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Twilight Saga: New Moon (Nice but disappointed)

Click for High Resolution Copy

I bet i was right after i watched the 2012 (2009) Movie. My predictions is correct and i still cannot get over with it. Yes, 2012 movie is the best film compared to the Twilight Saga, the New Moon.

Actually, i was expecting some fight scenes between the vampires and werewolves but huh? nope! all are about the “LOVE” issues and twist. Since it was believed to be the best film for this year, a number of Bella and Edward or Bella and Jacob fans lined up to SM City Cebu Ticket booth. But out of my 6 company, i think i am the only one who are not satisfied. I believe Zyra and Blair liked it but i cannot confirmed and maybe Charlie too. Anyhow, i still managed to save some captured quotes, phrases and famous sayings from the New Moon movie, the twilight saga.

Click for High Resolution Copy

So whats up? If you really love this film and you have already watched the movie. Give your bet in below questions and hit the comment. Let us see if Filipino pipz like New Moon?

1. What did Jacob give to Bella for her birthday?
2. How about his father, what did he give to Bella?
3. Who said this line, “It’s my job to protect you“?
4 Who said this, “Bella, I don’t want you to come“?
5. Whose line is this? “Your just not good for me
6. Who accompanied Bella in a movie entitled, “The Dead Come Back”?
7. Who said this, “You’re insane, actually, suicidal“?
8. Who got this line, “Actually i said, she’s a girl and a friend“?
9. Who speak this tag, “Your apologizing for bleeding?“?
10 Who got this line, “You can’t break-up with me, I mean, your my bestfriend“?
11. And this? “Go Home and don’t come back“?

And one thing why i love this movie are their soundtracks. So here is the complete list of the New Moon Movie Soundtracks.

New Moon Official Soundtrack, download?

Alexandre Desplat – New Moon (The Meadow)
Anya Marina – Satellite Heart
Band Of Skulls – Friends
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Done All Wrong
Bon Iver and St. Vincent – Rosyln
Death Cab For Cutie – Meet Me On The Equinox
Editors – No Sound But The Wind
Grizzly Bear – Slow Life
Hurricane Bells – Monsters
Lykke Li – Possibility
Muse – I Belong To You (New Moon)
Ok Go- Shooting The Moon
Sea Wolf – The Violet Hour
The Killers – A White Demon Love Song
Thom Yorke- Hering Damage

By the way, if many of you ask why i am disappointed? well, actually i am just craving for the next sequel of the movie, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. hehehe!

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