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Joyeuse saint-valentin!

Hello there!

I may not have enough wealth
to buy you those chocolates or heart balloons
But, I have this fresh flower
Captured by my K320i phone
This is purposely made
For you my dear FRIEND!


Furthermore, if you think I don’t have date
For this one of a year – celebration
You are wrong!
For this special day of HEARTS,
With me are, computers, monitors, keyboards
Phone, book and my office mug.

But I spend extra time for these gifts
I want to give you!


A Plant naturally formed to HEART!

And of course, in my date venue (my office) below are my special gifts!




They all formed to HEART!
For they all know, its Heart’s day!
joyeuse saint-valentin!

February 14, 2008 Posted by | happenings, personal, valentines, Writeups | 3 Comments

Love Story – Valentines Special

She came but she’s gone


I was 10 and 2 years old, when I first felt this indescribable feeling, she was the only sweet, cute and intelligent girl I knew. We both went to the same school, and of course I always wait for her during class dismissal. We enjoyed our life as simply as we can be. She lived in an exclusive village while I had my home beside their place, a squatter area so to speak. But even though they had all the richness I think of, her parents are so caring and lovable towards me. I just wonder, is it because they don’t have a baby boy in the family? Well, I just don’t know.


We only have a week to go before graduation day. But, I am still speechless in regards with my feeling to the girl whom I believed I fell with, a puppy love? Maybe. One afternoon, after our commencement practice, she proudly delivered the news to me,

“BF, I will be going to a private school for my high school. How about you?”

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February 9, 2008 Posted by | happenings, personal, valentines, Writeups | 11 Comments