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Sean Kingston – Fire Burning Lyrics, MP3 and Music Video Download

Somebody call 911!

Sounds Familiar? Yes! another great music from my favorite Sean Kingston. Ever since, i am an avid fan of this black-colored individual who is behind those ‘beautiful girl’ music sydrome, not to mentioned the ‘Me Love’, ‘Take you there’ and a lot more.. i have them in my MP4. And now, he is back with his latest single, Fire Burning (i have the mp3 in my C50-Cherry Mobile phone, in my PC at home and office and also in my mp4 — am i that addict? not so!) So what urged me to post about this song is their music video with different versions of dancers (from hip-hopers, ballet, dancesporters, street dancers and others) and the dance choreography is well presented, the moves are simple and thus, i foresee, this will be the next dance craze for 2009, next to Florida’s Low.

Note: Sean Kingston come back song is currently in Billboard top 100 specifically on top 10 ranked on the fifth as of this writing…

Here is the screen shot of their official music video and the lyrics will follow.

Free Sean Kingston Fire Burning MP3 download
Watch Sean Kingston Fire Burning Official Music Video
CheckĀ  Sean Kingston Fire Burning Lyrics

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Goodbye 7360: Hello K320i

YES! i have new CP.. i bought it in RCGoldline here in SM City Cebu and has a 1 year warranty!.. I still have my old N Series (N7360 – nokia 7360 -hehehhe).. this is already damaged, when i insert my GLOBE sim card it says, SIM CARD registration failed but when i tried my Sim card to be inserted to other phone, no problem occurred, in fact, in that time i received text messages from my blogmates and friends.. But now, i’m happy to have my new Sony Ericson K320i, eventhough i spent my whole salary on this stuff, but it worth it!



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