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MEZ Singing Sensation 2008

Here is the search for the 1st ever MEZ (Mactan Economic Zone) Singing Sensation 2008. The 31 semi-finalist were unleashed today. As I walked in the gate of MEZ Football grounds where the MEZ Annual Fair was on going, two faces captured my attention and yay! They are our Company’s pride, first is the IT pride and the other one is my Alma Mater’s pride (meaning we are of the same school last college days).

Here are their profile and please I’m begging you, vote for them coz I personally heard them sing and their voices are one of a kind. Awesome!

Name: Wiljumar Caballero
Position: Database Administrator
“My colleague in IT department”

Name: Dandy Dwight Doydoy
N-Name: Dandy
Position: Process Engr 1
“Graduated from CITE”

So what are you waiting for, grab those cellphones (but make sure it is your CP not others and vote for them! Thanks a lot guys, your votes can change the Whole World, I mean can change their lives now and forever! Hahahah


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Our Little Christmas tree

Last November 22,that was Saturday my nephews and niece are so makulit asking me to set-up a Christmas tree for them and obviously for us. And because I love them and the Yuletide season is coming near and nearer, I then searched for the parts of the old little Christmas tree I had last season and put them up together.

 Initially, I hang first the series lights (red and yellow)
 I designed it with red clothe which is actually our costume last time when we have our Christmas Dance Interpretation at CITE,
 I found my unusable CD’s and I recycled them as Christmas décor by adding ribbons (as advised from my Teacher Tita) and the red clothe (I really do not know if it looks good but my nephews and niece do!),
 I also made a improvised Christmas balls by using the red clothe
 I saw the red and gold balls I bought last time, so I hang them up
 And lastly, I put the Christmas lantern which is actually formed like a star (this is the project that my little bro had last time when he was in Preparatory) in the top of the little Christmas tree.

And there go! Our very own proud little Christmas tree, very cool indeed.

Do you want to know how to make a Christmas tree décor using unusable CD?

1. Get your unusable CD or DVD tapes
2. Find any clothe but I prefer to use clothe in colored red, green or white (actually this is the Christmas colors)
3. Cut them in rectangular, insert the center part of the clothe to the center hole of the CD or DVD
4. Then tie the cloth which is now in the center of the DVD or CD with a ribbon. Any kind of ribbon will do but make sure it will complement with the color of the clothe you chose.
5. Then, the clothe behind the CD must be pasted with glue (probably you must use Glue gun for good quality) and attached it to the CD. The purpose is that your CD and clothe will be attached by each other and will not be loosen.
6. At each end of the rectangular clothe, you will then tie them up with ribbon. You may use the same ribbon you use at number 4 or use another color.

If you are in cebu and do not know where to go to have shopping and buy some gifts for this Christmas. You can visit the MEPZ Annual Fair at Mepz Lapu-Lapu City Footbal field. Many collectibles and definitely cool gifts are in there. From earrings, jewelries, Toy collectibles like spiderman and others, bags, accessories, printed t-shirts, and many others are available in very good and affordable price. But you know what, I have not bought any because I still do not receive my Christmas bonus and wishing that we can have it. See some pictures below for evidence! hhahah

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