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CBS on the Spot: The Royal Grapiks

Just like my traditional posts on “Discovering Cebu“, here in EUTS, i am starting to review sites and post appraisal, comments and critics and a 1 on 1 QnA on some bloggers. I chose no qualifications for this category, only that the specified blogger to be spotted contributed a lot on the blogging world or blogosphere in any ways.

And very fortunate for this CBS blogger to be the first in this very famous (heheeh) review ever in blogging history…To start with let me introduce to you, my avid readers, who this prominent blogger is…

Everybody knows him with his witty smiles and greeny jokes! He is an open-minded individual, he knows no boundaries in terms of relationship (friendship or even love affairs). He may lives his life in darkness but he always find ways to seek and embrace light. He was the champion of Cebu’s Web Olympics not to mention emerging as the winner in the country for the MTV+ME in Asia Pacific. He is born to be royal blooded man. He loves web and graphic designing. He is no other than Prince Ryan Gilig.

and now for the SPOT-FOUR! The questions that has never been heard and known by people around you..

1. EUTS: “Saving virginity” – Can you relate with this?
Prince: No, because I am an advocate of premarital sex. Just kidding.

2. EUTS: Proud son – are you?
Prince: I say yes. I’m not a prodigal son.

3. EUTS: Outstanding citizen – in what way?
Prince: I don’t abuse drugs. I pay taxes. And I obey laws.

4. EUTS: Top three CBS chicks you like and why?
Top 3: AJ, she’s freakin’ hot!
Top 2: X, her eyes… so orgasmic!
Top 3: A hybrid between AJ and X: Sweet!..Joke rana brad oi..

Top 1: Kai. I like her optimism and charm.
Top 2: Mikyu. Motion-minded (like me)
Top 3: Empress: Neurotic and Psychotic lover

Contributions and Graphic Designs and Works:

The latest design which he finished in just minutes, my bugITs header and of course my official business card.

Second design he made for the Cebu Bloggers Society Tshirt

First design for CBS Tshirt

You can ask his service with very elegant but simple graphics output and of course with less charge, just email him at princeryangilig[at]gmail[dot]com

Bradexxx Merci!

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