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CBS @ 2: The Cebu Bloggers Society 2nd Anniversary Celebration

Cebu Bloggers Society Anniversary

In two years, blogging in Cebu has ripened from just being a mere online diary to something that takes an active role in civic and social awareness.

One of the factors that contributed to this positive development in the blogging scene in Cebu is the creation of a local blogging community.

The Cebu Bloggers Society was founded on February 14, 2008, with the main goal of uniting Cebu-based bloggers into a well-bonded community. And indeed, after its creation, individuals with diverse backgrounds but with a common interest, which is to promote Cebu and advocate blogging as a key tool for progress, converged together to establish Cebu’s first and largest blogging community.

The Cebu Bloggers Society has really grown and evolved quite significantly. From its humble beginnings, the group presently has at least 80 members and still counting. And now, the group is already anticipating its 2nd founding anniversary! Dubbed as CBS @ 2: The Cebu Bloggers Society 2nd Anniversary Celebration, the event is envisioned to further strengthen the bond of friendship and camaraderie within the blogging community.

The anniversary celebration will be held on Sunday, February 14, 2010, 5-9PM, at SM City Cebu Foodcourt – SM Storyland Celebration Hall.

This big and important event won’t be possible without the help and assistance of the following:


Batang Yagit


Meanwhile, one of the highlights of the celebration is a muse and escort competition. The Cebu Bloggers Society has been divided into 4 groups and we are proud to present the beautiful and charming representatives from each team:

FIREFOX – Orange team


SAFARI – Red team

CHROME – Green team

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Philippine Blog Awards: Chikka’s Readers’ Choice Visayas

Dear avid readers,supporters, bloggers, visitors, google bot,yahoo bot, Alexa bot and most especially my CBS family (not the BOT, ehheeh):

I am making this entry for my CBS family especially the five prominent bloggers in the Visayas. Please vote the following Bloggers for PBA’s Sponsor Awards: Chikka’s Readers’ Choice Visayas. When someone reported about this award and knowing the nominees, i was so happy that five of them made it. Here are the bloggers and their blog and reasons why you must vote them as reader’s choice.

1. – our celebrity blogger, why should we vote him? Well, He is not just making entries on his blog just for fun and fame, he is indeed the Cebu’s Asset physically, mentally and in other aspects.

2. – a travel blogger. He is another asset of Cebu. He is actually blogging for Cebu (most of us in CBS) and spreading the good views of Cebu as an island, as a summer and vacation destination and as a home for hospitality and kindness, we can find them all at Sinin’s House. Actually, topped the 2008 Best Cebu Blog.

3. – the extraordinary kiddo. If you are looking for a justified write-ups in blogs, then Bryan Karl can cater you in his personal homesite. Content wise, Bryan can do post what he has in his mind illegibly and can give his readers a wide range of information in different fields.

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4. – the political blogger. He blogs with heart and he mean what he wrote. This is Kevin Ray chua, who started blogging last 2004 with his main purpose of sharing his views and thoughts online.

5. – the Guerilla blogger. Zigfred is a true blooded cebu blogger catering his readers with information on Philippine law, leadership, technology, faith, life & living and others. He is indeed a lawyer who foresee blogging as tool for freedom and self-expression.

These are the five Bloggers that you can choose and vote for the first ever Chikka’s Readers’ Choice Award. Actually they are ten in the list and you can read and also vote them HERE. So much for that, grab your cellphones, and key in the right syntax and pressed the Send button. Vote via sms will start October 14, 2009 to October 17, 2009.

SMS voting = 2 votes per SMS sent (each SMS vote costs PHP 2.50)

The awarding night will happen on October 18 at 6pm in Ayala City Sports, Cebu City. I hope one of them will make it.

In advance, thank you very much for supporting the mentioned Bloggers. If one of them will win then all of us will win.

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Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards

First of all, i am so grateful that our very own pinoy bloggers made it to the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards and one of the most active bloggers here in the Philippines, Jehzeel Laurente, who used to be my night shift online-mate of two to three years ago, has also participated and has the possibility to be named as the Most influential blogger of Asia-Pacific.

About the Award is presenting the first ever Asia-Pacific Blog Awards which will be held its culmination and awards night at Pan Pacific Singapore Grand Ballroom, Singapore this coming October 23. This event is part of the site’s 2 years mark of community building and also to give honor to our beloved bloggers.

More info about the EVENT.

The Lucky Seven

Here are the names and category in which they belong

1. Octwelve – Best Original Blog Design (She’s the Filipino in Singapore)

2. Wifely Steps – Best Parenting Blog

3. Kitchen Cow – Best Food Blog

4. En Route – Best Travel Blog

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5. Jim Paredes – Best Celebrity Blog

6. Bryan Boy – Best Fashion Blog

7. Jehzlau Concepts – Most Influential Blog

You can show your support by posting the same topic and campaigning for votes or simply visit this LINK and cast your VOTE. I am deeply requesting members of Cebu Bloggers Society to visit and vote for our co-Filipino Bloggers.

Remember, The Filipino is worth VOTING for.. hehhe, what i mean is, nobody can help Filipinos but his fellow Filipinos.

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