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My 2010 Holy Week

Since I started to notice and observe Holy Week during my 12 years of age, this week is never been the same as the past holy weeks in my life. I have definitely observed this week with holiness and solemnity, plus prayer for family, friends and relatives, I found this week more than the enjoyment that some people was experiencing in Daan Bantayan, the very famous and number one destination during Holy Week here in Cebu.  Even though, I am bounded with hectic schedule to the early days of this week, I still managed to celebrate the true essence of Holy Week as a Christian citizen.

So, what are the things and activities we had for this week? Here are some wrap-up of the Roman Catholic faith, beliefs and activities every during Holy Week on which some of them I did love and performed with heart.

Holy Monday

                Last Monday was my defend day for our System Analysis and Design project study. Jesus has always been with our group’s side since we got no technical errors to be changed in our document but just a glitch of spelling carelessness. Prayers and lots of “Tabangi mi Lord” murmurs have been cast out before and after our defend. In deed, the holiness for Monday was been a big help for our group to pass the said subject and as we always do, just believe and He will do the rest.

Holy Tuesday

                On this specific day of my 2nd semester life, I got more than 8 hours of rest. I knew Jesus has always been very delicate for our body’s care. Even in our busy and rush works, we must not forget to live healthily and with His guidance, everything will go well.  Yes, I was refreshed with my ever promising rest and I definitely believe to keep things Holy, we must take the first step to clean our body and soul for the Him.

Holy Wednesday

                I went to the office with ease and worry-free. But before that, I went to school to pass our error-free documents for System Analysis and Design subject. On this day, I was able to draft my official post for my Cebu Journalism Seminar held at Marco Polo and University of San Carlos while waiting for my SAD groupmate to come and bring the printed documents.  At the end of the day, I was able to prepare myself and my friends for two-day holiday.

Maunday Thursday

                As early as 5 AM, I bathe and made myself ready for our journey and visit to Simala, the famous holy place of miraculous Birhen sa Simala. Then I headed immediately to CITIlink, v-hire station going to Sibonga, Cebu. At exactly 8 AM, we started to move and we arrived around 10 AM.

                At Simala, we did the “HALOK SA BIRHEN”, and we were just so very lucky of not lining up hardly for Virgin Mary of Simala. After few minutes, we then headed to the mountainous front yard of the Church to do our way of the Cross. A true sacrifice was made and prayers were casted. I was able to bought their healing Simala Olive Oil (and I got it in just 3 pieces for 50 PHP,lols). After we did lunch, around 12:00 noon, we departure going to City.

                At the evening, around 7:00 PM, we prepared for our yearly Visita Iglesia. Our majority destination Churches were Churches of Lapu-lapu City namely: Our Lady of Fatima Parish of Basak, Mandaue City; Birhen Sa Regla, Opon, Lapu-lapu City; Perpetual Help of Babag Lapu-Lapu City; Cordova Church of Cordova province; Our Lady of Sacred Heart Parish; Sto. Nino of Lapu-lapu City; and lastly, Holy Family of Maguikay, Mandaue City. We spelled one Our Father, one Haily Mary and one Glory be in each of the Churches.

Good Friday

                This Friday is a rest day for me, have segrigated and cleaned my things which inlcude all my used and old notes at school. I put them all in a box and the sala is now clean. ^_^  In the afternoon, I watch “Siete Palabras” or Seven Last Words program in television. I then spent my evening at Zyra/Blair’s house.

Black Saturday

                I woke up very late around 10 AM.  I watched movie entitled From Paris With Love. After then, I took my lunch and took a bath. Around 1 PM, we were ready and headed to Tabor Hills in Talamban Cebu City for a Way of the Cross event, in this time, I am with my family and relatives. We ended around 3-4 PM and we rested for a while at the top with some snacks provided by Tito

Easter Sunday

                From night shift work, I ended up playing Plants Vs. Zombies at home. Around 9 AM, I took a sleep and woke up around 3 in the afternoon. I should have accompanied my auntie to attend a Sunday Mass at the morning but my body can’t make it. So I just decided to rest. In the afternoon, while waiting for my sleepiness to come again, I drafted this article for this evening post.

That’s how I spent my Holy Week this year. In between of those days, I personally spoke prayer for myself, to my family, relatives and friends. What phrase that will not be failed to mentioned in my prayer is that I hope that everybody who are close to me must be safe and be guided.

I hope you do enjoy your Holy Week guys.

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Black Saturday: Visit to Birhen sa Simala

Simala Church with their new set-up of the altar

Early as 6 in Saturday Morning, I am on my way to SM City Cebu for our meeting place. With me are my College classmates and a company mate. We are ready for our Visit to the very famous Birhen sa Simala. As we arrived in the place, we rested for a while and afterthen, we did our Way of the cross.

Below are the pictures taken in every station at Simala, the place is very HOT.

Station 1

Station 2

Station 3

Station 4

Station 5

Station 6

Station 7

Station 8

Station 9

Station 10

Station 11

Station 12

Station 13

Station 14

Have a blessed Holy Week readers!

Simala Church with their new roof design

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Good Friday: Prayer and Love to Clark

As what the Fifth Last Words/Phrase from Jesus, “I Thirst” Jn. 19:28, a 10 year old boy is very thirsty of care, prayer and love especially when he is fighting his life at Perpetual Soccour Hospital here in cebu City. The sad story starts like this……

As early as 8:00 AM last April 06, 2009, Holy Monday, Clark Ivan P. Machika also known as Clark went to his elementary school for the sake of completing his clearance paper but when he arrived at school and knew that there was no class on that day, he returned back at home right away. As soon as he got in his place, at Toyota Mandaue, when he crossed the street, his face was hit by the side mirror part of a multicab semi-van and his head crashed into the ground. He was immediately sent to Cortes Hospital at Mandaue City, afterwhich the doctor said that the poor boy is already ok. But when Clark’s father found out that his son is suffering from severe head aches, he decided to bring Clark at Perpetual Soccour Hospital to do a Citi-Scan. Everybody were shocked when the doctor findings said that the poor lad has his skull cracked and some blood already going through and will soon going inside the brain which may cause further infections. Afther that, he was advised to have an operation which aimed to get the blood out of the cracked skull coz when not remedied immediately he will suffer to comatose. When the operation ended, Clark was sent to ICU for 48 hours for observation, yet night after the operation, doctor have seen another clot in the head, the nerve is bleeding and needs to be stopped. As of this moment, the poor lad is still in the ICU and will remain there for about 3 to 6 weeks as his skull was removed temporarily for his brain is in stroke. As reported, Clark is now in good condition and has a greater chance to survive.

His latest image at the hospital

My Friend and their family are asking everyone’s help and prayer for immediate recovery of Clark. Furthermore, they also needs financial support because as of Thursday, his fourth day in the hospital, their bill exceeds to PHP 220, 000 and the family has no good source to extract this big amount for the payment.

For any help, please notify the author at mmonta(at)dostscholars(dot)org

We must help them as Jesus help us by saving us from SIN.

Have a blessed Good Friday readers!

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