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Medicine Brands Step-up with Online Social Media Campaign

Marketing has level up its approach as it touches from traditional marketing to the new phase of selling or exposing their product or services to the costumers in the so-called online social media campaign. With a big boom of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, big companies ride on the trends as they all know, potential consumers of their products can be found mostly online and transactions are done in the same platform.  But if their marketing outfit did not do their job in the right way, then that would be the downfall of their products and services.

Facebook  and Blogging Approach

Facebook, reported as the third largest country in the world, if considered to be a country, with its population of about half a billion or 500 million online users worldwide then every marketing outfit should have an account and reaches out to their customers.  This number one social networking site is the first to be considered by every PR Company.  Lots of approaches are observed in Facebook , two of the best examples and are very effective are the Photo Tagging and Fan page LIKE-ing.

Photo Tagging enables users to be updated in every friend’s photo activities and what marketing personnel did is they make online poster of their events or products and tag every friends they have. In returned, their Facebooker friends will check on the said photo and of course, they will comment and like it. Most of the medicine brands campaign using social media, and so far, they are very effective on their attack.

How about the Facebook Fan Page LIKE-ing? Well, companies like pharmaceutical brands are very successful in this endeavor. What they do is they make Facebook Fan page, create a contest out of it, gathered lots of LIKES from online users who in returned are potential online buyers of their products.  For me, Facebook approach is a Win-Win way.

An online contest initiated by Pharmaton

Another and one the best approach in the online marketing of products, events and services are the use of blogs. Bloggers are invited to press launching as they are considered by most of the PR and Marketing Outfit as the new line of Media or online media to be specific. They will personally review the said launching in their own blogs as if they are writing articles in the newspaper or print but they do it online in a timely manner. And of course, initiating an online contest which bloggers can help spread the words and information about the contest. Good example of such is the My Pharmaton MVP which was started last month and will soon end This October.  What good thing about this kind of competition is that big prizes are at stake and very well-modified promo guidelines are set. In this way of attracting costumers online or offline, there would be a great change to stand-out in their specified market they are in to, in medicine brand in this case.

I think Companies or Medicine Brands out there should promote their products online and should adapt to change or innovative way of marketing their products.

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do i have gout? oh my!

September 1, 2008 – Monday, i have had my last part of Annual Physical Examination here in our company, and sadly, the result is not impressive. Our company Doctor have the following findings:

high value of uric acid, i got 7.9 on which 7 is the normal thing for MEN
i got slight anemic symptoms, which she said that its because of lack of sleep so
she then have me buy those ferrous “something” vitamins.. i spent almost 500 which is for 61 tablets good for 2 months.

But the most alarming thing, i regards with uric acid thingy, i was advised to do LOW PURINE DIET for GOUT patients.. yes you heard it right, because of high uric acid i have inside my body, i maybe prone to this GOUT.

oh my! is this the result of my hardworking, studying in the morning and working at night? My GOD, help me…

PS: I would like to celebrate with the Muslim in their very solemn RAMADAN which was started yesterday, and one of my prayers is that someday there will be no battles between Filipinos in Mindanao

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