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REVOLUTION, Vudu’s 9th Annual Halloween Costume Ball

Looking for a best Halloween party in Cebu? Search no more! Cebu’s very own Party house is offering you Vudu’s 9th Annual Halloween Costume Ball, REVOLUTION.

Together with other five Cebu Bloggers, the bugITs blogger was invited to scream till night and party ‘till drop at VUDU, Crossroads, Banilad Cebu City.

It’s Saturday night fever, get excited, feel the beat and scared while dancing the rhythmic sound of Hallowe’en at VUDU.
See you there!

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Ghost Wanted – A Campfire Creative : Beside the Glass Window

After i created my Valentine Special the other year here came PinoyDigest’s challenge of creating a story specialized for Halloween season, I picked my pen. I drafted the contents. I encoded it to the computer. And now, i am posting it.

The characters and events in this story are based to true to life happenings. There maybe a minor changes in the characters but it is just for the reason of suiting the level of momentum and maintaining the reader’s attachment to the story.

Now, buckle up as I present to you the masterpiece of the “feeling” writer Mark “TANOM” Monta, the author of bugITs – Technology News and Updates and this Personal Blog: EUTS, entitled “Beside the Glass Window“.

Here is the PDF Format of the story.

Thanks Mikyu for Editing. Happy Halloween to all

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Paranormal Activity 2009 Movie – The Best Suspense and Horror Film

If in the Skeptic Movie, it was the closet behind the crucifix centered our attention then here in the Paranormal Activity movie, it was the whole house, the door, up in the attic, the picture, the floor, the shadow, Micah and Katie — they definitely played your mind and imagination which surely bring you to think and decide that THEY do exist in this world.

It was like a documentation in which the main characters Micah and Katie are seemed to be the real person involved so with the location. At first, i was dismayed because of their cam whoring, taking of videos of themselves while playing guitar, swimming in pool and others. But the feeling of mine changed when the Night number 3 started with a mysterious moving of their door while they are sleeping in their bed, it happen at 2:09:13 in the morning. It was captured by their video camera and i believed it was a true shot, no camera or video tricks.

And here came another night series, the same location at their bed room, but of different incidents. You will surely amazed how Micah managed to bring his camera even in that kind of scary situation. But despite of that doubt, I am still convinced on the story and definitely, they shook me in my chair.

For me the best part of the movie are the following:

Night number 15 – October 2nd, 2006: It was about Katie during her sleep and the spiritual board thing (it is like the spirit of the glass board). The twist and thrill were at very high rate. I was really moved in my seat.

Night number 17 – October 4th, 208: It was about their experiment, the powder thing, the attic and the picture. It is really crippy.

Night number 18 – October 5th, 2006: It was about the banging of the door

And lastly, the best of best scene.

Night number 20 – October 7th, 2006: It was all about the shadow, Katie, the floor and of course Micah. One thing, i foung Katie scream naturally done.

It frightened me a lot eventhough i was not the type of person to be scared of when it comes to movie except the real incident in the office. I considered the Night number 17-19 as the climax part. And for the ending, it was very unpredictable. If you have not watch the movie yet, better watch it with friends, family or any companion because it might freak you up.

I got the links for a free Paranormal Activity 2009 Movie download. Just send me an email and i will send to you the site offering the free download of this movie.

Have a meaningful and happy Halloween.

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