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Top 10 Internet User of The Week


I want to shout but I cannot!
huhuhuh, when i got in the office this afternoon, a bad news met me at my table when my colleague smilingly told me that i got the Top 4 of our company’s top 10 internet user for this week. Oh my God! I dont know what to say, i admit its all because of my blog hopping, checking emails from CBS, PBS and other Blogging contacts, posting some updates for my EUTS and bugITs blog, downloading some important files that i need for the office and at home.. what?! did i say DOWNLOAD? oh my! thats it! thats the reason, damn, i will not download some files which is big enough and not necessary for me.. but i said its important so meaning all of them are necessary..oh my! enough for this.. i am still an INTERNET boy!

Happy weekend guys and Have a long weekend to CIT – Teknoys. There is no class for Monday and Tuesday – College Days i bet!


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one of the world’s youngest father – Alfie Patten

Alfie Patten, a 13 year old british Lad is not an ordinary boy.. He is a father!

Alfie with his baby daughter

When i got this email yesterday, i thought it was only another spam or hoax email message from my “spammer” friend but my classmates earlier this morning has confirmed that they saw this news in one of the morning show is ABS-CBN. And then i recalled, this story in my Inbox.

Wow, Alfie is just 13 Years old when he got his baby daughter named Maisie Roxanne with his girl friend Chantelle Steadman. And what really amazed or wondered me to the extent is that when Alfie said..”I thought it would be good to have a baby” waaaaaaaaa! i do not know but in my case as far as i remember, when i was at the age of 10 and 2, all i know is play, play and play.. but Alfie wants a play also —- Playing in FIRE? (lolx)

anyways, here are some of his pictures together with his girlfriend and baby daughter. God bless to this young family.

Alfie with his wife or girlfriend

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Emergency – need help!

To all my dear readers and visitors….

I am asking your kind heart to please help our neighbor/friend/brother Joven Bicon who is suffering now of Leukemia…

here is the original post:

“To my friends, YFC and SFC Family..please help po..

“Dear all,

I know u all have busy schedules… Still, we are asking for a little bit of your time. Because our batchmate and friend, Joven Bico is suffering from Leukemia. He already surpassed his first chemo. But he badly needs blood transfusion, any blood type would do. He’s currently at UST hospital, please proceed to UST Blood Bank to donate. We really need your help.

Just contact me, Kat Cartagena (09275160871) and the patient’s brother (09164563828) for any help.

Thank you so much,


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