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CBS meetup: my first attendance

yay! its my first time to attend such great meet-up of Cebu Bloggers Society
But i was late since i came from school that time and needed to finish some school project..
It was held in Figaro, The Walk at Cebu IT Park, the meet-up started at 4 pm last Sunday
and guess what………….
i came at 6.. sorry to all my friends in CBS.. aehheh

Photolist of CBS members present last Oct 12, 2008 Meet-up (this will be updated if final list will be generated by X)

so here it goes, while i was doing my project at computer lab of CIT,
i received text message from CLADO,
asking if will i attend to the meet-up, but since i was so busy at that time, i was not able to do reply..
After i finished the presentation project, i then received text from IGGY, “asa naka bai?” ..
yay, they are now in the meeting place.. oh my!
When i arrived at the IT Park, i refreshed myself by breathing IN and OUT deeply..
I was so nervous because its my first time to meet such high standard and professional bloggers..
weeeeeeee.. and then i made it in the place, i then recognized them easily coz i found WINSTON in the group, whom i had met in months ago and still he is not BATANG YAGIT.haha.. i also saw KEVIN (my classmate and friend), then i noticed JORICH, my friend kulot..ahehe..and i met the following cool and friendly CBS members..
X – the funny Xfactor of CBS..aehhe, Mr. PAUL with his girlfriend, i met again my long lost friend, Sir JERRY, and the very beautiful, miss EMPRESS with her scurging thoughts and scuffing minds.. i also talked with soon to be millionaire, Mr. RODEL..
I had not got a chance to GET A LIFE from Mr. MARK of ibeejing, I also noticed one of the young CBS member, Mr. Sinjin of Cebu Daily..weeeeeeee!
Unfortunately, Miong, my previous schoolmate, DOST scholar and friend had not made it to the meet-up, very busy for finals..
But what is the best thing i found out in the meet-up, there are many ideas flying in the air, ideas from technology side, business thoughts, call center story, experiences in the past months and most especially the DELICIOUS idea.. when our winner of Mr. Cebu Online votes, MCBILLY, treated the group with Burger at MCDO.. yehey! ahehehe

Generally, my first meet-up was fun and informative. I hope this organization will go farther and people or members will not change. aja to CBS members.. ya ha!
Oh before i forget, please to those friends of mine who are not yet a CBS member, please join the group and take an order on the CBS t-shirt, that will soon be printed, Deadline of collection is October 15, please comment here or go to Noxerl’s website. The t-shirt cost of printing is 170 PHP, cash only. And speaking of cash, X, you had not given me my 30 PHP! aheheh

here is the design

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BUGITS – Tshirt design

Yes! at last, my friend JUNLEE have finished my BUGITS tshirt design.. and i like it..
i will soon have a sample printed t-shirt for this one.. thanks dude! weeeeeeeeeee…

here is the design….


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