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Philippine Police Torture Scandal Update: Cop Accused faces dismissal

Have you seen the Police Brutality Torture Scandal Video? I personally made a search online about this video and it made me go to the comfort room and vomit. How come a said to be “finest” policeman do such acts? I know that this criminal or alleged thief has a case to be faced but making him admit his guilt by torturing or the like is I bet another case to focus on.

Senior Inspector Joselito Binayug handcuffs hostage taker Arjay Villanueva (hostage taker) following his surrender. This happened March of last year.

Good thing, Senior Inspector Joselito Binayug, has come out to the public and show his name and face. This sadist police is assigned in Tondo, Manila where he allegedly used to do this kind of acts for the suspects to admit their faults. After this Torture Scandal, lots of victims in the same case showed and supported the latest victim.

A Grave Misconduct case is pushed to Binayug and 10 other members of the Asuncion Police Community Precinct in Tondo district. This is confirmed Friday by Senior Superintendent Rey Merecido, head of the National Capital Region Police Office’s Internal Affairs Service (IAS).

The Video

In the cell phone video, A police officer pulls a cord attached to a naked man’s genitals during questioning. The alleged police officer, Joselito Binayug, whips the man in the face and the upper part of his body in between the pulling of the cord.

This maltreatment must not be tolerated, very good thing Merecido assured that this policemen will be punished

Merecido said, “We assure the public that this will be a fair investigation. Hindi namin titingnan na kabaro ang mga ito, ang amin ay justice for both of parties. They will have to face the consequences”


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