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Discovering Cebu: Costabella Beach Resort

Last weekend was one of the most busy day of my December month. In the morning, we, Clarence and Michelle covered the Otaku Fest 2009 at UP-Cebu ground. Yeah, I was excited for that event since it was my first time to attend but unfortunately, the rain ruined everything. But anyhow, we’ve met some of the Cebuano online figures like the founder of, the ever famous professional Photographer Joseph Ong and some sinebuano‘s pipz. In that way, I was brought back to life..heeheh!

But i did not finish the event, i left UP when the Photography session started. I headed directly to Ayala Center Cebu to shop for my Beach short for our IT Department Christmas Party and it was fun since i bought it in a low price. And for the party? It did happen at Costabella Beach Resort, Lapu-lapu city.

The Sand

The games prepared by our IT newbies were great, especially the puzzle or the word formation thing, it did sweat us all. And of course, their presentation was simply amazing, it astonished everyone especially in their last portion, the “Nobody but you” dance steps.

Speaking of Costabella Beach Resort, the place is good, not that very good but quite good for a 6 hours party. The beach water is clean but i love to swim and play with their 2 swimming pools. The bridge over calm swimming pool is a usual structure built above the water, i have already seen this in many beach and pool resorts like Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort and others. But i love their pool landscape just in front of the steps going to the kiddie slide. And of course, their mini-falls built at the end of their main pool. You feel like you are being massaged with that falls not the very relaxing massage in some parlors but a simple massage for us to be at ease.

The Swimming Pools

To sum up the party, i rated it 8 out of 10. At night, we ended the party with some Pool games and of course, a liquor, a red label Johnny walker. Love it!


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Nirvana in Cebu, amazing Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort

A nice headshot courtesy of Ethelbert

Here is my third installed visit at Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort. With the opportunity given by Pinoyworld, ten outstanding Cebu Bloggers were able to join and have some fun under the sun at Sunday by the Beach. I remembered how the Cebu Bloggers Society got pampered as we were discovering Cebu through Maribago Bluewater and guess what, nothing is changed. Hospitality, great amenities and smiling staff and crew are still the best asset of the resort.

First, let me enumerate the lucky 10 CBS:

1. Bryan Karl Yuson
2. Mikyu Maglasang
3. Karen Veloso
4. Ethelbert B. Ouano

5. Mark Monta [Author] bugITs – technology news and updates
6. Vernon Go
7. Blair Arciete
8. Zyra Arciete
9. Mark Alessandrew Abitona
10.Agnes Jimenez

So how was our one day special stay? Well, as what Ms Noreen, our official guide (eheh), said we are one of those VIPs from Europe but of course, a local version only. As usual foods are very delicious and if i said “very delicious” that would mean they are more than pleasing to my sense of taste. For me, the management done the best move of placing their lunch buffet just near the beach, for that lots of advantages were observed and loved by beach goers just like me. First, the fresh air is just in front of your skin. Second, of course, the scenery, the man-made white sand island and the natural setting of the resort as well as the passersby who feel comfortable with their beach outfit are more than a dessert that lunchers has eaten and enjoyed. And speaking of dessert, the personalized halo-halo is very delectable which made me wish to have another storage section of my tummy (piggy me! grrrr). Moreover, everybody has appreciated how the patty and other barbecue-type dishes were grilled, tasty and yummy.

After food, let us splash in to their swimming pool. We were very glad that we utilized one of the most clean pools in the resort, the Garden Wing Pool, even in pools Water is still in blue..lols. No itchy feelings after and the height of the pool is enough for a 15 year to swim and enjoy. Not mentioning baby Owen, a one and a half year old foreigner who splashed and slidden in just like an adult did. As expected, everybody adored him…especially Kai wishing to have a baby like him.lols

Generally, the ten local outgoers finished the pool experience with lots of pool activities that includes the video camwhoring, the round plays, cheering stunt with Kai and yours truly, human race and the most breath taking game, the tagging game in which Blair and Agnes as “hagu” (hahah, what is the term for that? ya ha!) Imagine how we utilized every seconds and how we enjoyed each other’s accompaniment. We definitely love that weekend, a Sunday by the beach.

Again, Thank you master Ruben of Pinoyworld and the rest of the management and staff, Ms Noreen, the General Manager, the singers, waiters and others). Thank you very much till the next episode.

Photos Credit: and

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Discovering Cebu: Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort

I am invited…see?

After a stressful week at school and work, Last Saturday was one of the most memorable activies of Cebu Bloggers Society as we are invited for a free Summer Blowout by the good management of the Resort. That was realized by the cooperation of Mister Ruben, X and yours truly.

Gathering and meeting

While i am busy of distributing CBS ID for the blowout

Yeps, CBS pips have met and greet in front of SM City Cebu – Northwing. And sad to say, me and my two high school buddies who turned now as official cebu bloggers; namely Jose (eventhough, many knew that he doesn’t like to be called one) and Zyra, came late but with no worries, Ruben has not yet arrive on that time. I saw some CBS pips who came and i missed them a lot…. After minutes, Ruben has arrived with four Vans which will be our joy ride going to the Prestigious Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort.

Joy Ride

I bet it was half an hour going to the resort, I was in the third Van (sad to say, the fourth van has noone inside), with me were Ruben, Mark Gallardo, Zyra, Blair and Aldwyn. We talked so many things that made me to think again what are those, as of this writing, i still cannot recall what are the topics but we did have enjoy the FREE ride.

Cool Arrival

Picture taking or camwhoring? hehe

As we came out of the Van, we were welcomed with a heart by some of the Resort’s beautiful ladies and CBS was necklaced with Cebu’s most kept jewelries, the sea shells. Afterwhich, we were served with a cool Juice – was that lemon juice? and of course, camwhoring strikes again. We were introduced to Miss Noreen (i am not sure, i forgot really the name) with the same surname of our very own Bryan, how are they related? i don’t know.

Resort Funny Tour

CBS with resort guide, Noreen

Why am i putting funny on the subtitle? Well, its all because of CBS green minded buddies – Prince Ryan and Ethel who made jokes and stories on some of the resort’s great location and service. Firstly (as i remembered), we were brought to AMUMA spa, as i checked on the given brochures, there are three packages the spa can offer, these are the Hilot (which i remembered), Malakas and maganda (good for couple) and the lapu-lapu package (for men only). Then we were introduced to their jacuzzi which is good for 300 PHP for one day only and i remember Ethel doing joke of the name.. very green, naughty! ehhehe. We then visited their cool rooms, facilities and oh before i forgot, the Arnis thingy part, where you can do your relaxation and personal meditation. Then we saw their beautiful and the real BLUE water beach and pools, have watched shark swimming in some of their parks, we’ve witnessed that time a wedding ceremony in their man-made island which they call Alegrado Island, the sands are white and its just very good for my moreno skin (hahahha) and we visited also their THE COVE (past tense for cave? lol) Restaurant just beside their beach, you can choose to their ALIVE, yes LIVE sea foods (eg: crab, stone fish, fihes, eel, etc) and let it cook to their world class chef.

Note: AMUMA is a visayan pamper, indulge with every attention, comfort, care; spoil

Meet the Management

snacks served while meeting the management

After the very tiring and enjoyable tour, CBS was given a chance to meet the Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort’s management and staff, as i remembered, we talked and ask some question to four high rank personnel, their GM, President and the other two. The conversation was great because its not formal (i definitely dont like formal), CBS pipz asked questions related on the tourism part, the resort’s market target (Bro Bill asked this), the Corporate Social Responsibility (this time, ethel is serious), i asked about the recession (how are the resort affected) and lastly, the funny one, Why is the resort named to BLUEWATER BEACH RESORT?, will the question is right and good but we cannot stop our natural response to laugh..sorry for that Guads. and we ended the session with lot of snacks on which brad Prince Ryan and Doyskie laughed with how i pronouce the TUNA (to-na) bread..waaaaaaaaaaa!

TANOM + NAKED = Embarassment

Waaaa, i didn’t care if i was embarrassed or what, all i knew was that i enjoyed the beautiful beach and pools of the resort.Hmmm, Tibor also was wearing his its not embarrasment but another entry of X’s meneater blog..hahahha. I bet its only seven of us who enjoyed the BLUEeness of the water.

FOOD, FOOD, food

yum! yum!

waaaaaaaa! the very best part of the Blowout, eating to a very delicious, yummy, salivating filipino/cebuano foods, delicacies, fruits and deserts. I even forgot to take a shoot with my plate full of different foods.. oh my, i just did not forget the “halang-halang” if im right, it was spicy and yummy. Also, the very tasty lechon poured with pinakurat sauce (love it), the dried adobo and other yummy foods. im hungry! And that eating made our last dinner at maribago bluewater beach resort and we then jumped into the van and ready for HOME.

Gratitude and Appreciation

I would like to thanks again to
our CBS member, Ruben Licera for having us invited to their world-class resort, to sir Rhyx, Miss Noreen, to the management and staff I am very grateful to see and meet you there. I hope people will not expense a lot of money just to vacate in foreign countries, if they can only see the beauty we have here in cebu. and oh, Sir Ruben, i am looking forward in seeing and visiting the sister beach, Sumilon Beach resort, dont forget? heheh

Information and Reservation:

Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort
Buyong Maribago, Mactan Island
Lapu-lapu CIty, Cebu 6015 (Philippines)

Tel No: (63 32) 232 5411 to 14 and 492 0100
Fax No: (63 32) 492 0128 to 29

You may add comment and ask me (lol), truly, for reservations, you may call this telephone number (63-32) 232.5411 to 14 9local 520) or e-mail them at

What are you waiting for, call now especially summer has not ended yet, you can still avail to ther Red Hot + Cool Blue Summer special/Promo.

click to enlarge picture


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