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CIT University is Cebu Institute of Technology (CIT)

A well-made Fan Pic by SSG Officer

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Update (07/15/2010) : Attached below is the new logo of CIT – University or CIT-University logo. This is not yet final. Inauguration will be held on July 21, 2010.

Update (07/08/2010) : Effective TODAY, Cebu Institute Technology is named CIT-University. From now on, CIT is still an acronym. CIT-U tops again!

Update: CIT executive officers, Department Heads and different representatives of School Organizations including CIT-SSG are on a meeting. Per Allan Llevares, CIT SSG President, announcement of CIT as CIT University is possibly done by this afternoon or before the day ends.

Disclaimer: This is for information purposes only. Details and Data included in the post were gathered from reliable sources and are revised for a well-presented manner of posting.

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SY 2008-2009, am i prepared?

It was last March when i decided to take my bachelor degree in Information Technology or IT next school year, 2008-2009, June 10 to be specific and it will be next week.
My preparation? nope, i have not prepare any, except for enrolling myself at Cebu Institute of Technology or CIT for the said degree.

CIT logo..

At first, i am assuming to take 2 more years for my BS degree to be completed,
but i was wrong, sadly, i am having my 2nd year standing with advance subjects this year,
this is due to some subjects in my previous school, CITE Technical Institute Inc., which are not accredited at CIT because of some valid reasons.
But this is not a hindrance for me, i have the determination to GO!
And back to the topic, yes, i have not prepared any.
Last Monday, my brother and i went to SM City Cebu to buy him some things needed for school.
I bought him school shoes from Milanos, a Habagat knapsack and pieces of Mossieur briefs..did i spell it right?…lol. after that, i then shopped my youngest brother’s school’s requirements.
and on friday, i requested my mother to go at mall and buy shoes, white polo, t-shirt and other things needed by my little bro…

my CIT student handbook copy, i got this at the first day of enrollment

and i am asking, how about me? tsk2x, i cannot afford to buy something that maybe needed for my college (again) life! but i am looking forward to a big amount of money this coming payroll here in my company where i am working currently….maybe i can buy new straight cut JAG jeans, polo shirt and notebooks..
And finally, i am now an official TECHNOLOGIANS together with my fellow bloggers who are studying at CIT too; Kevin, Iggy and Clarence..
and for my schedule? arggghhh! i hope i can manage my time with this hectic sched…i will post soon my schedule.. and take note, i am currently assigned as night shifter..thanks to my supervisor and manager, they are really good!

my CIT id, i got this yesterday morning

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