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Cafe Elysa, Parian’s Pride

First of all, my salaMUCH to my blogger friends who invited me in this soft opening, Mr. Doyzkie Buenaviaje, Jude Bacalso and of course, our very own Nayki Cagulada for the drive .

Cafe Elysa is not your ordinary Cafe as it combines the local and travel inspired cuisine from France, South Asian and others.Steve Aznar, the owner,initiates the travel inspiration of this elegant dining spot. The name was a blend of his Mother’s name Elysa. The cafe offers more than a traditional menu, from its appetizer to the main course and of course the yummy Dessert, they got them all for an exclusive dining for you.

bugITs blogger and the owner, Steve Aznar

With fellow Cebu Bloggers

Without further ado, I will be presenting to you my favorites.

Pinoy Lumpia – the very crunchy Pinoy cuisine is best served with their tasty sauce. I think I consumed one serving on this! yummy indeed!

Chicken Liver Pate – I am not actually a fan of Liver pastes paired with toasted bread or any bread but when i tried there version, I say, this is not just a try but a MUST-EAT!

Ceviche – This is the word that collapses me to enternity! It is actually my first time to hear the english term for Kinilaw, yes it is Ceviche! In Cafe Elysa;s version, they have this raw tangigue fish cooked in normal vinegar and finished with some spices.

Banana Apple Fritters – Sumptuously done, I finished almost 2-3 pieces of this sweet. I so love the taste and I bet its the syrup that made cravings!

Furthermore, Cafe Elysa can be loated in the sketch below. And they are open from Tuesday – Sunday (11:00 am – 3:00 pm) and (6:00 pm – 10:00 pm). They closes every Mondays.

Photo Credit: Chai Rico

Get your dog a sombrero


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Maria Ressa resigns, Ging Reyes takes over

This news from News is not yet confirmed. I only heard and read it via

Maria Ressa, ABS-CBN news head and the author behind the book Seeds of Terror will be resigning from ABS-CBN due to internal politics issue.

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She will not be renewing her contract on the said network. Instead she will stay until November 15 and will utilize her leaves until her contract ends in January.

On the buzz, she will be replaced by Ging Reyes, North America Bureau Chief.

Get connected for the updates on this news break.

UPDATE: Here is an official statement of soon to be former ABS-CBN News head.

“There is a time and place for everything in our lives. My time and place as head of ABS-CBN News & Current Affairs is nearing its end. My contract ends on Jan. 3, 2011, and I will not be renewing. I have nearly six months of accumulated leaves so I will go on terminal leave beginning Nov. 15.

It’s time for me to move on, but it’s important we transition properly and prepare our organization – and its new leader – for the challenges ahead. Ging Reyes will be taking over as news head. She will be arriving in Manila on Oct. 18 to begin our transition. Home-grown ABS-CBN, she has more than twenty years experience as a journalist, the last eight years as North America bureau chief. Please give her your full support as she takes the helm of our multi-platform operations.

I want to thank you for six amazing, incredible years where we took risks together to help define the future of journalism and our nation. We decided to take a stand and say no to corruption; to embrace the growth of social media; and to join hands with citizen journalists to patrol our votes and our nation . Thank you for your trust and support, for following me even when I tilt at windmills.

Journalism faces challenging days ahead. Value and protect your editorial independence. I wish you clarity of thought, stamina, and courage to fight for what is right and avoid the compromise of mediocrity. You have taught me so much about what it means to be a Filipino. While my time with this company is ending, one of the most precious things it has given me are our friendships, which I hope will continue to grow even when I’m no longer with ABS-CBN.

Maria Ressa

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Maribago Bluewater holds OktoBEER Fest

Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort accommodates Cebu Bloggers during its dinner launch of OktoBeer Fest on October 1, 2010. Different dishes were served, so with the drinks and desserts. The night started with a food tour in their buffet tables especially designed for the event. We can also observed the colorful costume wore by waiters and waitresses inspired by European countries where Beers are famously drank and served during recreation and other momentous affairs.

Aside from the different BEER brands (San Miguel Beer-SMB Beers), main dishes tempted every costumers’ pig-out desires and i am loving it! I even got my plate back to the buffet three times just to taste again and again the savorly meal – the roasted beef – Sauerbrated (German Beef Pot Roast), saucily completed steak, the veggie dishes and the different sausages and hotdogs. And to complete this long-shaped dish, different kinds of bread are displayed from american, french and of course, crunchy pretzels.

Did I say I drink four different flavors of shakes? They did not just satisfy my thirst but these frothy drinks keep me asking for more! I tasted Mango, Watermelon, Pineapple and the forever loved Four Seasons. At the end, i finished my meal with delicious Apple Pie filled with my favorite raisins and a yummy coleslaw.

The celebration was filled with harmonious rhythm of music by live band.

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