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Cebu Press Freedom Week: In Praise of Cebu Media

We are Cyberwriters, as what Luis A. Quibranza III of Sun.Star described Bloggers yesterday in his Lifestyle column, and I definitely agree with that but I admit, I am a Major Major frustrated writer. But Freedom of expression chooses no grammar check, no gender, no professions, and no social status as long as you express something which is expressible and you step nobody at the end.

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Text By: Luis A. Quibranza III | Photo By: Arnie Aclao

Today is the third day of Cebu’s celebration for the 16th Press Freedom Week which started last Sunday, September 19 and will conclude on Saturday, September 25. What is the importance of this event then? If I am to answer, it is very important for we are celebrating the freedom that Cebu Print and Broadcast Media are having and because of that we are benefited in some other ways:

We are informed.

We are educated.

We are entertained.

We are guided.

We are uplifted personally, morally, socially and spiritually.

And most especially, we are updated.

Personally, I put on my knee and take a bow to all Cebu Press personnel from Photographer, Cameraman, Writer, News Caster/Anchor, Field Reporter and others. Truly, you deserve to be praised for your Profession is a no joke.

And for this era, wired Period, the so called Cyberwriters have no intention to overpower or take-over the Press’s responsibility. We are here to help broadcast the information and somehow, spread the news online. We are just an alternative source, you are the mainstream.

Kudos to Cebu Press!


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  1. lurve it lurve it lurve it! Go CBSi peeps! go cyBerwiters!

    Comment by markg | September 20, 2010 | Reply

  2. woot! soon new media will dominate 😉

    Comment by JayL | | September 20, 2010 | Reply

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