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Intel Philippines Holds Cebu Bloggers Workshop

How to Choose the right PC for you?

September 9, 2010 (Thursday) – Together with the invitees from Cebu Bloggers Society, Max Limpag of Sun.Star Cebu and other media personalities, Mr. bugITs (as how my friends called me), was able to attend the Cebu Bloggers Workshop which  aimed to discuss how to chooce the right PC for individuals.

The activity started with the registration and a lunch break while everybody was busy discussing and enjoying the intel videos presented. And I like their Intel commercial video, I think!

Mr. Randy Kanapi, Intel Philippines Marketing Manager started the talk with a definition of Social Media as major driving force of information.In his talk, he stressed out that the number of cores doesn’t always provide better performance but it depends on how data is processed and what are these datas to be processed. Moreover, he introduced to the crowd the chipmaker’s pride, the 32-nm dual-core processing which is present in Intel Core i3 Processor and Intel Core i5 Processor but not yet for Intel Core i7 Processor.

Second to the speaker list is Mr. Jason Ty, Intel Philippines Channel Platform Manager who emphasized that speed doesn’t equal to performance. In this state, Mr. Ty discussed more on Inte’s smart processors, i3, i5 and i7 showing their comparisons and differences.

The event ended with some chit-chat and I got a chance of interviewing (just a little interview) with Mr. Ty and talking to him made me think to pursue and study more on IT field, hope so.

I would like to Thanks Ms. Jenny and Ms. Magel for the invite and the very hospitable treat, till next time!

Photo Credit: Doyzkie Buenaviaje


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  1. pleased I made it here.

    Comment by Philip Gardinier | March 20, 2011 | Reply

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