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What is Saridon?

Familiar with the said medicine? Saridon is the name, but do consumers really know it? Saridon has been a common name or a usual medicine or a mother’s request for an errand to her son. In fact, Saridon is a pain killer that is popular in Visayas and Mindanao due to its affordable price. It’s currently being marketed as a clinically proven safe and effective pain relief against headache, muscle pain and toothache. It is also proven to work faster and better without sacrificing safety. But are we really safe with Saridon?

But it was a buzz online and even in the real world that Saridon contains a certain phenacetin and its new formulation contains propyphenazone that gives negative side-effects by those who take it. What is this propyphenazone and why it harms people who in the first place are looking for a good and effective pain killer?

The reformulated Saridon contains propyphenazone. It is a derivative of a different family of analgesics. It is not a derivative of phenacetin. It is Paracetamol that is an active metabolite of phenacetin.” there goes Dr. Luis Abola, MD, FPCP, Medical Director ng Bayer HealthCare-Consumer Care. But for me, this explanation do not help the virtual world to understand and know more about the product or the medicine.

A better marketing and drive for every medicine products online are very important not just for the reason of selling it but for the consumer’s right of proper label and information. And as I checked or searched Saridon online, what came up first is the famous wikipedia site. For every product or company, they could have make a site for this.

For me, Department of Health should start a move in collecting all medicines, which includes BFAD permit and those no approved therapeutic claims, in a certain database or website for the purpose of information dissemination and for the case that costumers or consumers has inquiry or complaints regarding the said product.

In this new era, wired earth as others said, all company and products owner should adapt to change and innovation. They must impose proper online marketing of their assets and of course, they should offer an innovative or interactive site or repository for costumer’s satisfaction. In this way, they would keep the so called loyal consumers and in the near future, encourage new consumers to buy their products.

Saridon is just one of the many products that need to be noticed and give importance online, just my thoughts, what you think?

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  1. Effective au jud ni siya….

    Comment by Lee Ivan | July 30, 2010 | Reply

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