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Cebu Institute of Technology – University initiates Blogging Seminar

This post maybe a little bit of late because I was filled with lots of tasks in the office and assignments at school thus I am very sorry to those who are eager to read my review of the event last weekend. So how did it start?

Ms Leah Velasco giving her welcome address

Ronnel and his co-host chick

Alex and friends performs live

Basically, The “Blog ta bai! University na ta!” seminar last July 24, 2010 which was held at the Masscom Theatre aims to spread the news online that the formerly known CIT is now a proud Cebu Institute of Technology – University. The Computer Students Society (CSS) of College of Computer Studies (CCS) lead by Ronnel Labrador Padillo organized the affair and indeed, a successful one.

I then start it all

MS Leah and others enjoying my talk or my face? lolz

Before the seminar started, I got a chance of a chit-chat session with CSS adviser Ms Leah Velasco. We talked more on the history and development of blogging community here in Cebu and i proudly told her that technologians like Vernon Go, Clarence Mongado, Kevin Ray Chua and other CBS members worked hand in hand for the betterment of Cebu Bloggers Society Inc and she was overwhelmed of the news.

Chua, playing with Iggy’s DSLR

I then talked about Blogging 101; What is Blog, Types of Blogs, How to make a blog using blogspot and wordpress, Advantages and Use of Blog and I ended sharing some pictures of CBS in our attended events. In the middle of the talk especially in the Types of Blog section, I proudly presented some of the Cebu Bloggers blog sites like Rabsin (Music Blog), Sinjin Pineda (Travel Blog),Ley Lander (PhotoBlog), Kristine Roa (Fashion Blog) and other notifiable bloggers like Ariel Lallisan (Personal Blog) and Coy Caballes (Vlog). After my part, Our CBS President, Vernon Joseph Go took the spot light with his Making Money online topic.

Iggy preparing his camera

I found my listeners very attentive in capturing every words i spoke and I am glad about that. They even repeat it when I am about to talk it again during the session. And the most funny thing, they call me Mr. Speaker when I met them at CIT-U after the event. They even stop by and ask for some tips about the theme of their newly created blog. yes! They have crreated their blog and most of their first entry is the much talked seminar.

Another audience shot, woots!

Sir Allan of CIT-u SSG

Thank you to the CSS organizers, and special mention to CIT-U SSG President, Sir Allan, and to all attendees from different colleges. To my dear friends who just created their blogs, welcome to the blogging community and be proud, “Blogger ko bai!</strong>

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  1. Regards lang ko ni Alfel Benvic! hahaha

    Comment by galleca baylon | July 29, 2010 | Reply

  2. special thanks to your official photographer… ME!!!

    Comment by Mr. Tambay | July 29, 2010 | Reply

  3. i really like CIT university…they offer their very best training…my friends like it too.and they luv to study @ CIT university..
    more power!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by mariz | December 9, 2010 | Reply

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