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A Night Before Philippine Election

Though our family had celebrated Mother’s Day tonight with a blast and with strong family bond, it cannot be denied that tonight, yes this one and only night, Filipinos around the country are still awake — not because of Mother’s day celebration but for one and very pity reason, Vote Buying 101.

My brother asked why a number of people are ruming or standing and making chit-chat in our “tambayan” place located just infront of our house, I lied to him and said, “Pareha sa atong gibuhat karon, nagCelebrate pud na sila ug Mother’s Day” (Just what we are doing now, they are celebrating the Mother’s Day). But I knew, there is this doubt to the eyes of my grade two brother but soon he will understand.

So what are my observations and some information I got in asking these people tonight?

1. The first unusual happening tonight, lots of people are still awake. As if they are waiting for something or someone.
2. When i got my ride going to the office, I saw newly built political billboard just near the Paknaan Elementary School.
3. In the same place, Paknaan Elementary School, a couple of Men in tight jeans and black shirts with orange arm band are standing just near the school as if they are guarding something or someone.
4. About the listing show, I discovered that these people, who are still wide awake , are waiting for the promised money which is equivalent to the vote that they will be rendering tomorrow.
5. And lastly, just somewhere in the Barangay Hall of Labogon, Mandaue City, Dozens and a great number of people are roaming, standing, sitting and as usual, waiting for something.

I am still hoping that everyone including my family members who are tempted to sell their votes will change tomorrow. Eventhough they receive money for that certain candidates, they will still vote who they believe are capable and do fit in the position. As part of Cebu Bloggers Society iVote,iBlog program, I will be attending tomorrow’s event and will target on observing at Labogon Elementary School.


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  1. We pray, brace ourselves, and be vigilant. Mabuhay ka, Pilipino!

    Comment by waistline32 | May 9, 2010 | Reply

    • yes waistline32, you are right.. and I hope the automated election will be successful…

      Comment by tanom | May 9, 2010 | Reply

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