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Cebu Journalism Seminar 2010: The Media, The Voters and The Candidates

The roles of the media, the voters and the candidates for this Philippines May 2010 Election

Cebu Journalism Seminar’s Tres Marias: (from left) Ria Jose, Chiq Montes and Lemski, CBS

Cebu Journalism Seminar was held last March 25-26 at Marco Polo Hotel and American Corner Library of University of San Carlos Cebu. It was not just a gathering of some local media but an effective brainstorming of all print, television, radio and the new media (the bloggers) aiming to lessen if not eradicate the cheating practices of Filipinos in general every during Election period. Present on those two-days seminar were not less than 40 media personalities from different provinces of Visayas and Mindanao region, some came from Antique, Basilan, Zamboanga, Masbate, Iligan, Davao, Cabalogan Samar, Marawi, Tawi-tawi, Koronadal, Julu, Leyte and General Santos. For the bloggers part, together with Lemski (Cebu Bloggers Society member), I got a chance of meeting the President of Davao Bloggers, Ms. Ria Jose also a Lifestyle Columnist of Sunstar Davao and Ms. Chiq Montes, the President of Cagayan De Oro Bloggers.

In my point of view, there are three main factors that contribute to the success or failure of every election. These are the media, the voters and the running candidates either for local and national position. They affect the results and the Philippines for the next six years.

With me is Mr. Leo Lastimosa, ABS-CBN TV-Patrol Central Visayas host and DYAB anchor
The Media

In other countries, media are the most powerful profession or I may say group of Professionals in television, radio and print. They influence the people through their column, television program or even some activities that concern the masses. They are not just bringing the news to the people but they are willing to sacrifice themselves to bring the facts and the right news to the common.

With this specified power, media can move people to vote and get them educated regarding the election process especially today that we are facing the first automated election. Together with the new media and digital media, we can bring the right news and information straight towards the voters. With our clean writings and programs, people will be influenced. With the political and economical crisis we have, we must not be so selfish. We must not be blind with those bribed envelope or big amount of money, in return is a journalism of self-interest; making articles for a certain candidates, marketing them to the public – this is a MUST NOT.

Im with Ms Chiq Montes
The Voters

During the seminar, I once heard from a certain journalist. “The voters in ____, instead of the Vote buying practices, they are vote selling!” See! Is it a doing of a responsible citizen? Yes, some may say that people keep on preaching the good practices every during election but are they exercising what they preached? But for me, if you want a CHANGE, then CHANGE yourself. As a voter, we must CHANGE! Change not for worst but change those bad and wrong doings we have. Let me enumerate the things we need to eradicate;

The Vote Buying/Vote Selling – we must not tag our RIGHTS with PRICE. This is priceless and must not be sold; one vote can change your children (if you’re married) for the next six years. Yes! One vote – your vote is important.

The “hakut” system – Don’t get tempted with this free transportation service of running political candidate. I know you can do more than that, why not walk?! If the nearest precinct is just a stone throw away, then use your leg and walk.

The fiesta-like practice – Oh my! Election is not a party! If someone from the running position is offering you a drink or food just to cast your vote to them, then decline! I know you can buy your own food. That food they give is just temporary, look for the future – the permanent.

“Election is business” tradition –In business, every employer aims a long term plan for living to all its employees. Is election touching this concern? Never! We vote him or her because we believe in his/her capability as a leader – national leader. We never vote that person just because we are hired as poll watcher or watchdog or any of the promised position as the election goes on. We vote them because we believe.

(If you knew of some wrong practices of Filipinos every during election, feel free to add them in the comment below and what should we do about this)

With me is running candidate of Cebu City, Vice Mayor Rama
The Candidates

This factor needs to be cleaned up and drained.  I remembered when I ran as President for Department of Science and Technology Scholars Association of Cebu (DOST SA CEBU), we do not have chance to do our campaign, it was on the spot. But despite of those shortcomings, the candidates for president were not corrupt as what we have in the national election. We didn’t bribe or give voters money. We didn’t entrust a position to the regional office just to get the vote of some DOST scholars. Yes, we might not have the money that’s why I have the courage to tell these things. But I believe, if we have the resources on that time, we still prefer a clean election.

And the worst thing that has occur in the past and I believe in the future is the dirty or problematic turnover of POWER. Once the candidate bet of the administration party failed to make it to the position (or vice versa), for sure some scandals, problems and other chaos will occur. If you are truly looking for the good of the people, why not cooperate, accept your failure and together, strive for the betterment of everyone.

I knew I cannot move those CANDIDATES to campaign cleanly and honestly, but I believe VOTERS can change them and everyone in the country — it can be attainable with the help and support of responsible MEDIA.

Keep the RIGHT VOTE, VOTE for the RIGHT!

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  1. Learned a lot from the seminar. Very much overwhelming. Great post mark! 🙂

    Hope us bloggers can do our part.

    Comment by Ria Jose | April 6, 2010 | Reply

    • Thanks a lot ms Ria.

      Comment by tanom | April 8, 2010 | Reply

  2. AS a journalist each of one us has to do our part first before we let people change and clean the dirty games in politics . We have to examine on what we have done not only for the good things but also our failures and short comings to include our mistakes and weaknesses .
    We must be strong enough to face temptation against money and among other beautiful things offered to us not only that it comes from a certain political candidates but from any other persons whom we have no business at all.
    While, we can move people to vote and educate them , it takes our first step too to do it .
    A BIR official once said that there will be lots of money in the circulation amid the political campaign period and the businessmen will be happy because people have money to go shopping
    I agree, all the things you mentioned. Let us work hand in hand as a responsible media .
    Hey Colleagues !! By the way , it was a happy experiences sharing and getting to know with you during the Cebu Seminar last March 25 & 26,2010.
    I want to say that I also learned something from you and I believed that learning is a continuous daily activity.
    God Bless You .. Good day!!!

    Comment by letty militante | April 8, 2010 | Reply

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