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Discovering Cebu: A “limpyo” Balamban Liempo

Company Facts:

Balamban Liempo started and was established last July of current year, and is owned by couple Jojo and Honey Vergara of Abucayan,Balamban. The business started in a small-hole-in-wall type which is located at Mabolo, Cebu. Balamban Liempo Food Corner offers delicious, toothsome and smelly taste of Lechon’s Liempo. Cooked in distinct method, Balamban Liempo goals to be the best tasting Liempo in town. Thus, the company plans to open branches of at least five stores within the year and ten stores by 2010. Currently, they are having two branches and will be opening its third store in Hi-way, Mandaue just inline with The North Atrium building.

Balamban Liempo specializes on its proud Liempo prepared with local herbs, spices and secret ingredients. As Mr. Jojo spilled out one of the four secret ingredients, which is basil grass or locally known as sangig, its Liempo is tastier than lechon and is very juicy in terms of spices, not fats.

The company envisions to set-up Balamban Liempo as a marketable franchise in two years, with two systems available, the take-out corner and the dine in resto.

My Personal Review:

I like Balamban Liempo’s skin, better than others!

First thing that captured my senses is the minced green leaves which are being mixed inside and outside the pork belly. It gives a different aroma that everyone has noticed and appreciated. I believed this is the very secret ingredient that the company is very proud of. But what i am craving for is the best part of the liempo, the brittle brown crusty skin. It sounds like chicharoon, very crunchy and it tastes like a special lechon, yummy indeed. Another feature that Balamban Liempo can give is the unmonotonous flavor of its fatty part. Balamban Liempo is like when you take in one piece of it, you will never stop eating.

Balamban Liempo is best eaten with Cebu’s renown hanging rice or locally known as  “puso.” It is also best served and paired with Cebu’s local suka or vinegar with lemonsito or Calamansi complemented with sili or red pepper.

Contacts and Order:

For orders/inquiries, kindly contact:
Mr. Jojo Vergara
Owner of Balamban Liempo
Mr. Gaylord Tingzon
Sales Personnel

Balamban Liempo
Salinas Drive, Lahug
(infront of USP Lahug)
Mobile: 0922-620-5921, 0928-502-2605
Landline: 415-8592


Liempo is a spanish term for Pork Belly, which is derived from the belly of pigs.

Sangig is some kind of spice that is used in the Philippines as to add scent to their viands. It can be grown and cultivated easily in tropical places

Limpyo is a cebuano word which means “clean” in english. In above subject it is being used as adjective describing Balamban Liempo. For Cebuano to English conversion or translation, you may visit

Puso is a rice or hanging rice which can mainly be found in Cebu.. It is a boiled rice but is wrapped with palm frond.


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