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CBS asks, Mr. Padyak answers

June 11, 2009 – Cebu City. A day before the celebration of Philippines’ Independence Day, Cebu Bloggers Society [CBS] has got a chance of meeting 2010 Presidentiable Mar Roxas who is now known as Mr. Padyak, at IT Park’s Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Several Issues were tackled which includes politics, showbiz and even personal sides.

[CBS team while waiting for Senator Mar Roxas]

Let us start with the primary and most common problem in the country, the Graft and Corruption. Mar confirmed that this destroys society and is the biggest hardle in making decision. And for that, he is going to fight starting in its forms namely; lack of infrastructure, lack of education,lack of health care and the wrong and unfair judicial system.

But when asked, what are his top 3 political Agenda, he then answered 4;

1. Feed Ourselves, Half of the people living in the Philippines is in countryside, meaning if the government will help the Agriculture then they can help the half of the people.
2. We need to invest in the future (tomorrow) , lets us invest education for it is the biggest equalizer in the world
3. Fairness and Justice in Judicial System.
Just like any ball games, the referee must be fair.
4. The economy, works will provide opportunity

And these four pillars must be planted in the solid rocks of good governance and morality.

[Mark Monta meets Mar Roxas]

Furthermore, some hot showbiz links were also asked, especially on what is his stand or opinion with Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili Scandal, he then answered humorously and safely by saying “Dirty feet has got no ryhthm”. But he is serious of saying that he felt bad with Katrina and all the women involved in the sex scandal. His love and wedding interest to Korina was also involved in the meeting.

Photo Credits: Mikyu, Doyzkie and Jose

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