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Magazine Issues for June 2009 Cover Girls

As i have already started with last months magazine’s cover girls issues. Now, here i am again, here are the latest Cover Girls of June 2009 in our favorite magazine.

For FHM, we have wowowee’s RR Enriquez. First time i saw the cover page, i did not notice it is RR, hahaha. photoshop, anyone? waaaaaaaa

For Maxim, we have Eat Bulaga’s Daiana Menezes, Maxim goes Funny as it features some of the local comedy icons like Edgar Mortiz, Freddie Webb, Alex Calleja, Tim Tayag and Mike Unson, Vhong Navarro, Rufa Mae Quinto, Rene Requiestas and Vic Sotto.

and for the Preview Magazine, we have Marian Rivera on its June 2009 issue.

To those who are not fan of the above listed magazine, keep tuned as i am waiting for the updates of who will be the cover girl of Playboy Philippines, Uno Mag, Cosmopolitan, Metro and others.

Enjoy lads!


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CBS shouts Yehey!

Yehey!” as Cebu Bloggers Society pipz finishes their group shot.

As invaded bloggers in Luzon, at Manila specifically, the digital team wants to extend the happiness, enjoyment and a great accompaniment of bloggers to Visayas and Mindanao, Thus last Thursday, May 28, 2009 marked the beginning of the good relationship between Yehey and Cebu Bloggers Society. was successful to introduce and present what their company is all about, how Yehey affect Filipinos nationwide and they were able to let us understand how Pinoy being locked up by some foreign websites, it maybe a simple search engine site but so with social networking online and other stuffs. As confirmed by the team and as showed in some surveys, Philippines always stand top in terms of internet usage, hours of online, percentage of share in every social networking like multiply, facebook, friendster, etc and even in just searching on some related topics on google, yahoo, and other search engines, Filipino stand out.

As i understand, this could be a win-win situation. Yehey promises CBS that in every events, there is always a specific activity or program that could satisfy bloggers physically, emotionally, socially and of course mentally – as we acquire new information and or knowledge. And of course, Bloggers could bring back the happiness to the advertiser simply by blogging non-biasly, meaning write what you see, think and say.

Discovering Cebu: La Maison Restaurant

“If you see something, say something”

That what this something is all about. La Maison is a great restaurant. Smiling service crew, waiter and waitress are well trained (not to mentioned how many times i asked them of a glass of water, still they wear the smile that the customers need) I hope they will always remember that the best appetizer that every customers can get is the best service crew that a certain restaurant, cafe or even in a simple carenderia can have. The best — because they entertain, love and serve the eaters pleasantly and promptly.

La Maison offers great foods, from appetizer (Tostitos), to main dish and even in dessert (even though, we are not served with one). What I love and enjoyed very much on that moment is that meat poured with some sauce, they call it Barkada Ribs. Eventhough i felt a little something as i saw something in my rice,, still i managed to finish my carbonara with sea foods in it, they call it Seafood Marinara. At the end, the team has not eaten all served dishes as our stomach are all full. Yummy!

[click this picture if you want to see what this something is all about]

La Maison Restaurant is located in Ayala Center Cebu in their wonderful terraces. You can contact them at this number: (63 32) 415-7077 to 78

Yehey freebies for CBS

This food trip at La Maison Restaurant is just a start of some future events that can offer and will offer to bloggers in Visayas especially in Cebu. And CBS is looking forward on it.

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