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The 2009 TIME 100: Pcman gets IN

Manny Pacman Pacquiao is included in this 2009 TIME 100 most influential people on earth which are divided into 5 categories. On the list under his catergory Heroes and icons, he was joined with Ophra WInfrey and Michelle Obama. Here is the list:


* Edward Kennedy
* Gordon Brown
* Christine Lagarde
* Thomas Dart
* Avigdor Lieberman
* Joaquín Guzmán
(complete list here)

Builders & Titans

* The Twitter Guys
* T. Boone Pickens
* Ted Turner
(complete list here)

Artists & Entertainers

* Rush Limbaugh
* M.I.A.
* Sam and Dan Houser
* Kate Winslet
(complete list here)

Heroes & Icons

* Michelle Obama
* Oprah Winfrey
* Manny Pacquiao
(complete list here)

Scientists & Thinkers

* Nouriel Roubini
* Amory Lovins
* Jon Favreau
(complete list here)

Yes, i am proud of Pcman coz he is Filipino and he definitely bringing the name and race of Filipinos worldwide but what i dont get is that why does TIME magazine writer Lennox Lewis said like this

“Manny has connected with the people of his home country, the Philippines, to the point where he’s almost like a god.”

I am a Christian and i know my God. Not Manny! He is just a Man and please God and Man are two different creations or i may say different levels. Man is below God and God is above Man, yes, Manny is above some of the Filipinos in terms of fame, money, status but never with belief. We are one and equal to the eyes of God. I like Manny coz he inspires the poor but not to the point that i will treat him as GOD. In the end, we are still the same.

Hope this will serve other Filipinos who bows before any man or idol or local artist. Just keep in mind, we are all the same and we pray and bow to God only, our creator.


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  1. nice entry!

    Comment by ronsouthpaw | July 24, 2009 | Reply

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