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What is Sexting?

As sexting alarms the US government, is the Philippines affected too?

Lots of sexting cases rush to the US government and people are now requesting a change in the law to address this kind of unecessary and explicit activity. But how? Since some of the affected people are doing this personally or with intention and/or with free will.

What is that Sexting? Sexting is a street word or portmanteau or simply a new word formed from words, sex and texting. It is the act of sending nude or bold MMS/Pcitures or SMS/Text messages electonically which commonly happens to a cell phones or emails.

Sexting is one of the many disadvantages we are having in this digital world. Disadvantages in a way that users or people find ways to intentionally disrupt the proper use of this technology.

Mostly, victims of this kind of insaneness are teenagers which are so curious and very adventurous in this field of technology.

And how about the Philippines? Are we experiencing the same? or just another blind and deaf effect towards the truth happening in the society? Are you familiar with the Hayden Kho – Katrina Halili scandal thingy?


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  1. Video of katrina and Hayden? pki bluetooth beh.. hehehe you know what if na threaten ang US kay uso sa ila? wla rana dri sa Philippines.. hehe Were one of the top texters and CP users hehe.. so it wont be “shocking” na diri sa ato. Maybe a law should be implemented to regulate or somewhat ma lessen na ang scandals or there are casesang kauwaw sa person nga naa sa video but anyways wlay scandal if wlay nag create or if wla nila kuhaa ilang gipangbuhat dra sa cam di ba? So we should be accountable sad if mhitabo na nato .. hahaha mao rana ako.. BOW!

    Comment by Zyra | May 15, 2009 | Reply

  2. Taga i ko nyan video na yan bi.

    file sharing lang gud. he he he

    Comment by sirjobs | May 17, 2009 | Reply

  3. sextext ba. bago yan ah

    Comment by sirjobs | May 17, 2009 | Reply

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