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Updated: Naruto Shippuuden Movie 2 Bonds: Kizuna and Music Video

Have you ever had the chance in downloading free Naruto Shippuuden Movie 2: Bonds or Kizuna video? Well, i am using my very all knowledge and information just to digg up this free download of full video in the net.

If you are a Naruto fan, then you must click HERE, to see the free download. Plus, if you love Naruto movie and or episodes theme songs, then you can go HERE for the free download of Naruto Shippuuden Movie Bonds Music Video, this one is in flv file type.

For the people there, who have not heard this latest movie of Naruto Shippuuden seasons, this is all about:

A mysterious group of ninja called the Sora-nin from the Sky Country makes a surprise attack on Konoha. This is because Konoha nearly destroyed the Sky Country during the last Shinobi World War. However, they survived and now are after Konoha and the Fire Country for revenge.

The group starts attacking Konoha causing mass mayhem, with flying ninjas on winged-mechanical devices bombarding the village. A boy comes all the way to inform Konoha that his village had been attacked and he was looking for his sensei, who was currently in Konoha, to go with him to heal the injured at his village.(more HERE)


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