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My Christmas Wreath Card

Last Thursday, i was able to make my own version of Christmas Card with Christmas Wreath as center of attraction, this is to address the requirement of our Filipino 2 project before vacation.

Here is the idea on how to make a CHRISTMAS WREATH CARD:

Crepe Paper (any color will do, but i prefer green)
Used Card Board or Folder (any color, but i use white)
Used Ribbon (actually, i got my ribbon from our Christmas tree)
Felt Paper (any color but i use red)
Used neon color paper or art papers
gold dust
White Glue
Glue gun with Glue Stick


For the Christmas Wreath
1. Trace a donut-like shape using pencil and clear out the inside circle
2. Cut the crepe paper to any small size

3. Paste the cut crepe paper in the way that it will looks like a small leaves that stick together.

4. Cut a used ribbon and twirl it around the donut-like structure which is full of crepe paper already
5. Sprinkle the ribbon with gold dust

6. Finish the Christmas Wreath with a two-layered ribbon attached to the top left of it.

For the Christmas Card
1. Trace a circle shape in the cover page of the card which is at the upper right of it. After which, take the circle out of the card creating a hole.
2. Cover the front page with felt paper. You may do it as a whole but in my case i only covered the center diagonal part of the page and i covered the rest with a printed Christmas style of felt paper.
3. Put a diagonal layered of used ribbon in the bottom right part and upper left of the card.

4. And now attach the Christmas wreath in the hole we made earlier.
5. And in the space found at the bottom left, you may style it with printed greetings or manually pen it.

Inside the Christmas Card.
1. Cut a candle like structures using the used card board with different heights and position them in the way that they can be seen when the Christmas card is close through the hole we made.
2. Twirl a used ribbon or art paper around the candles.
3. Use an art paper colored yellow and cut them into a fire-like shape and paste them under and at the top of the candles
3. finish the candle design with a half ribbon below it.

4. Put Christmas message or dedication beside the candle

There you go, here is what i call Christmas Wreath Card. My Teacher like it very much so with my friends and classmates and they did not believe that i made it with all by myself, but in reality, the ribbon i put in my Christmas wreath was made by my friend here in the company.

In addition to this Christmas season, i bought a Motorola w230 as a gift to my brother who is going to finish his high school year by March next year. This will serve as my Christmas and Graduation gift to him and he liked it very much. Actually, that is his first cellphone ever, because in the previous years, i am so strict when it comes to study and education that’s why i never bought him CP until yesterday.

My Gift to my Brother

Before i draft this post, i also done wrapping gifts for my inaanak, to my mother, lola and nanay. And for the rest, i will do it by tomorrow, since i need to rush again to SM or any mall because my little brother want a bicycle as his Christmas gift from me. Oh my! i will lost all my savings but i believe it worth it coz i love them very much.

Once again, to my readers, blogmates and friends, I love you and Happy holidays!

PS: I would like to thanks my Auntie for giving me a pair of flip-flop slippers from Penshoppe. She really did know what brand i like most. aheheh


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  1. bro!! nice! MERRY XMAS!!!!!

    Comment by acee | December 21, 2008 | Reply

  2. waw aok baui mugradu8 pud unsa ako gift….ehehehehe

    Comment by iggy | December 22, 2008 | Reply

  3. Wow, craftsman pala tlga si Tanom! 😀 hehe. ang sweet pa… 😀

    Comment by ayel | January 7, 2009 | Reply

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