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Last Saturday, December 13, was the busiest day of my life. I woke up early in the morning for around 5:00 AM to prepare myself for my class on Physics Laboratory which will last around 10:30 AM, but fortunately, my teacher, Sir Yagonia has permitted me to go out early coz i need to but my gifts for my Manita, so i left the school around 9:15 AM.

I was at SM City Mall around 10:00 AM and decided to go to the grocery section to buy the first 2 gifts and the other one was bought at Blue Magic. Actually these are for our Kris Kringle which had began last three weeks ago but i failed to give something to my Manita since i was busy at school and at office. Here are the things i bought for my Manita:

My wrapped gift for my Manita

  • for the exchange-gift: AVON Study lamp shade ( my sister has advised me to buy this one)Β for the Kris Kringle:
  • 1st week: something red and sweet – i bought COCA COLA can
  • 2nd week: something long and sticky – i got this candy like but soft and sticky thing ( i forgot the name)
  • 3rd week: something soft and smooth – i bought my manita a key chain with a cute puppy as a design with feathers from Blue Magic

A enhanced bugits wrapper

As i got home, i then packed all the gifts and wrapped them up with my enhanced bugits wrapper. In the afternoon, the CBS is having our party at Mendoza’s Residence at Jarden de Busay subdivision. And around 6:00 pm, i attended our IT department party at Cebu Crown Regency Hotel. Both places of the said events are great and awesome. Love that day.

Cebu Bloggers Society Christmas Party

As i said, we had our fun at Vanjohn’s living place. I felt like i was in my dream since that house was my dream house..hahaha, i remembered when I jokingly asked Van, “napa moy hiring diri bai Van, pwede ko mag-Boy or tag-lawg lang sa iro (milan), para lang gyud makapuyo ko aning balaya” hahahha.. if you happen to be there, you will be amazed with the views actually the mountain views. Up in their house, i saw the two Mactan-Mandaue Bridges and some other beautiful buildings and a like. The party started with a introduction of all old members and new ones like sir Tims, Earl and Louella. Afterwhich, is a presentation made from CBS forums which brought laughters to everyone, next was the a video showing of our own CBS diva – X and the other side of our CBS spokesperson – Kevin Ray.

VanJohn’s House

After the first part, the group has separated ways not because it ended that way but because they want to savor the place and scenery, some has roamed around the big house, some were taking picture and the others were gone together with Chief VanJohn who is the big personality on that event, he did the presentation, he hosted the event and the great thing was — he COOKED for us. My goody! i cannot imagine such prince know how to cook..

VanJohn as Chief Cook

Gazebo Area

Before i left the place, we had our dinner at their so called – Gazebo just beside their house and near to their cool Swimming Pool. The CHIEF COOK had prepared Pancit Panadero, Taiwanese Pechay and Dumplings – this one is great – i even texted the group as i left that this flat, half moon shaped bola2x tasted really great.. hahahaha. And as expected, i left them after i finished my two batches plate served with the said dishes. That was a great experience and i am looking forward to the words left by VAN, that we can do our Overnight stay there during this Christmas season, i am expecting for it to be realized. ahehe.

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(this part will be updated as soon as CBS members will notify me and posted the event)

CBS members who attended the party, rock n roll dudes!

IT Department Christmas Party.

After i am done with my CBS colleagues party, i hopped to Cebu City – Cebu Crown Regency to attend our Information Technology Department Christmas Party. When i arrived at the place, I then asked the guard where is the entrance and the way going to the Sapphire Function Room at the third floor. I may arrived late, but it was not obvious since the committee is still working with the technical set-up and the back-drop.

Dining table artistic Shot

IT fella falling in for dinner

And around 7:30 PM – the party started. And since it almost late, we began the event with foods and drinks. I fall in line and grabbed Vegetable Salad, sliced water melon, mango and the other dish that i cannot destinguished and named it. Afterwhich is the presentation of our past events and activities for the past days of this year 2008. Laughters and reminiscence of the happy days filled-up the room, and i laughed a lot especially when the picture of me (topless) together with my very best buddy and a mother-like colleague flashed at the big screen. It maybe very embarrassing but i found it very remembering.

Yummy Foods.. hmmm!

After then, we played many games, like the group presenatation – on the spot singing, the longest line which was rebuild by our department secretary (creating the longest line with the things we wore and brought alphabetically, meaning the first object must be named from letter A (eg atm card), next would be at letter b (eg belt) and so on and so fort), next game was the shooting of baseball ball to the small basket. I enjoyed the games because our team – blue team always got lost because of me.. hahahh

Longest Line Game

Next thing, was the recognition of the best, outstanding and excellent support personnel of IT department for this year 2008. And guess what, i recieved one, hahah, i was recognized as i extended my support during the November 1 holidays resolving issues related to Wallmart and Kohls Shipments of our company. Together with the certificate, is a gift check from Sodexho (and as of now, i do not know how to claim this, hahhaa).

Gift Check

Certificate of Recognition

Raffles were made with great stuff toys and the revelation of Manito/Manita made a conclusion of the great event. And also, as the party went on, camwhores never faded in the crowd. Poses here and there, picture here and there.. lolx.

My Gifts

Before the event, i already got lots of gifts from different organization, people and event. First of all, is a mug and a gift from the first CITE Scholar’s Nite last November 29. Then the give-aways and bonus gifts from our company which composed of the following:

Timex Wrist Watch which is very good idea for Christmas Gifts to family and/or friends

  • Two wrist watches, for mens and kids
  • One pail of biscuits from Rebisco
  • One salad set ( includes kaong, and others)
  • A red bag (also a good gift that i decided to give to my sister)
  • and a Ham

And on the said event, i had the following gifts and give-aways:

Gifts and Give-away from the Party

  • a stuff toy – i won from raffles
  • a gift wrapped in blue ngkhai warpper – i also won from raffles
  • gift from Manito – who happen to be my immediate manager in infrastructure section
  • the most remembering recognition first given in the history of our IT department.

In addition, i will still be busy these coming days for shopping and preparing my gifts to the following people of my life:

  • My nephew and nieces
  • My mother
  • My Father
  • My brothers
  • My inaanak

Also, i will be expecting to do exchange gifts from my best buddy, Mark Anthony Boiser and my close friend from CIT, Marichu Dupal-ag, who happen to be my crush..woot!. And i want to thanks in advance mister Ariel Lalisan, for shipping and giving a Christmas gift. Hahah, thanks a lot sir ayel. And i am expecting Aethen to give me one also. πŸ˜›

For those who are so kind, please email me if you want to give a Christmas gift to me.. lolx.
PS: I am excited for the release of Paul Villacorta’s 2009 Blogger Calendar which me as cover together with other blogger in May Calendar.
and another pahabol, our very own WILJUMAR CABALLERO who is my colleague in IT department won the MEZ Singing Sensation 2008. Congrats!


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  1. TIMEX watch lang ako mark. πŸ˜€

    Comment by clado | December 14, 2008 | Reply

  2. at last kita nako sa imu watch mark!!!hahaha

    Comment by Kai | December 14, 2008 | Reply

  3. waaaaaaaaaa… naa man lage ka timex… basta gift nako timex…. hehehe… nice one ngay.. ^_^

    Comment by mark | December 14, 2008 | Reply

  4. @ clado paet, ako-a rana

    @ kai thanks kaayo sa visit ug comment

    @mark ngay, wala man tawn ko money pampalit aning reloha..hinatag rani..malooy ka! ahaha

    Comment by tanom | December 14, 2008 | Reply

  5. waw ako wa gyud gift huhuhhuhuhuh

    Comment by iggy | December 14, 2008 | Reply

  6. Nalingaw ko sa imong term “camwhores” ha ha ha! I surely missed the fun and laughter of our xmas party da. Sayanga oi. Congrats kay the best nga relo imong nakuha. God bless…

    Comment by Joemar | December 14, 2008 | Reply

  7. don’t worry bai,
    mka paabot man ko sa akong pinaskuhan.

    Comment by clarence | December 14, 2008 | Reply

  8. how about my gift? haha..

    btw, nice naay sponsor inyo cbs party.. unta nakiapil ko dra. haha

    Comment by richard | December 15, 2008 | Reply

  9. haha.. mukang nag enjoy ah πŸ˜€

    Comment by daniel jr | December 15, 2008 | Reply

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