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CIT: A hassle way of enrollment

Huwaw! Finally, I am enrolled for the 2nd semester.
I am ready for this semester’s challenge. Yay!
But before I got this temporary study load, I have done so many hassles.
A couple of weeks ago, I have reviewed my subjects from previous school,CITE
Examined them versus the subjects in CIT’s old curriculum for BSIT course.
I was then happy because there are only few subjects need to be taken so that I can be on full third year next school year. But sad to say, when I approached registrar office to claim my student evaluation which is needed in advising what subjects are to be taken and for encoding of schedule purpose, the IT registrar personnel advised me to go to ETO office and asked them to change my status under new curriculum to the old one.
I was shocked, since I was evaluated with chairperson in Information Technology under the old curriculum so I assumed there will be coordination between Registrar, ETO and my college itself, but I definitely disappointed of what had happened.
Anyways, due to my determination to gain my Bachelor degree and also to my patience, I approached again my department and asking if what could be the best thing to do to address such problem. And then, I was advised to do the reaccreditations of my subjects for the second time but rest assured that the previous accreditation will be still in used. After that, I was able to get a new set of subjects and evaluated what subjects to be taken this semester and this time I am under their new prospectus. Walla! I got the student evaluation, ask for advise and approval for my drafted subjects to be taken, had them encoded for my schedule, paid the downpayment for tuition fees, went to ETO office to claim temporary study load and I AM DONE for the day.
I was happy I made it for just 1 hour and a half.

For this semester I have 7 subjects 2 majors and the rest are minors with the total of 17 units only. And for the last semester’s final grade? Ahehehe, I got 1 subject with 5.0 grade, 1 for 4.9, another 4.4, 4.2, 4.0,3.8 and two 3.6 rates. Huwaw! This is with 5 as the highest and 1 as failed.

In addition, this post especially dedicated to my dear friend who partially and voluntarily made my schedule for this semester, Thanks a lot ROCIL ULGASAN (orgasm? Ahehe). Btw, she is a cool ZAGU friend, easy to get with and most of all Open-minded individual, yay! Eventhough we do not have common subject this semester, I will try to have time for our ZAGU moment again, aheheh!


October 28, 2008 - Posted by | Cebu Institute of Technology, CITE, happenings, personal, school


  1. wala namang hassle sa enrollment. tapos in 5 minutes 😀 saya saya 😀

    Comment by daniel jr | October 30, 2008 | Reply

  2. yay! sa inyo nurse Dan sa amin hindi.. ahehe musta ang bday boy?

    Comment by tanom | October 30, 2008 | Reply

  3. 2 steps lang naman kasi.. enter ur name and student number tas lalabas na un form then bayad na sa cashier. 😀

    Comment by daniel jr | October 30, 2008 | Reply

  4. Good luck to your studies bro!
    Dagko-a nimo ug grades woi… Hope you can still maintain that huh? hehe…

    You were evaluated again? why?

    It also happens to me but the Registrar only advised me to add those new subjects (under the new curriculum) in my current evaluation form.

    Comment by Downloader | November 3, 2008 | Reply

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