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When i was away…

When i am drafting this post, I checked first the latest post of this blog
Wow, its been last September 26 and oh my, its about a week already.
hahays, i am so very sorry to my avid readers (wow, my readers pala ako, wahahah)..
i was so very very very very very very times two raise to the power of 10 BUSY..
and now, after i post this (and maybe you are now reading it), i will then be back to my very busy WORLD.

I will prepare myself for my incoming Final Examinations which will happen this week, October 7-11.
I really need to study hard especially on my major subject (programming, and others)..
For the previous week, i was able to finish my final reports in my Physics Laboratory works, together with Kevin and another friend. I was able to accomplish to finish my last programming exercise even though some of the menu list is not functioning (crossing my finger to get good grade)..
and currently now, i will be working with my mini-Project proposal in Technical Writing and compilation together in book binding for our Filipino project, the coffeebook. I am doing my best in this project, because one of my favorite teacher in CIT, M’ Colips will soon leave the school for a confidential reason. Furthermore, i requested one of my classmate who happened to be my colleague in our company but of different department, to make a farewell video file containing some of our memory gallery in our subject especially the experiences we had during the “song interpretation” contest, which our class won the silver. Also, i will be busy for our Farewell party which will happen on the weekend. In addition, in my coffeebook i made the ff pages:

with my profile and our teacher face..lolx

with a poem i personally made and revised from Dr. Jose Rizal’s Mi Ultimo Adios

So far now, i will be concentrating for my Finals, good luck to me, to KEVIN, CLADO and IGGY..weeeeeeeeee


October 5, 2008 - Posted by | Cebu Institute of Technology, contest, happenings, personal, Writeups

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