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CIT Colors Day 2008: Culmination Ceremony

Wew! so whats up with this? aehhehe..
Actually, i have no plan of attending the closing ceremonies
of Cebu Institute of Technology Culmination Rights and Awarding yesterday,
but my “chicks” (actually, she is just my friend) keep on texting me to come and attend the affair..
hmm, i got her text about 12:00 noon but i am still subjected with my laziness character,
for about 2:00 pm, i woke-up, kept my portable bed, got my body towel, took a bath,
i did not even eaten my lunch, i brushed my teeth, wore my shirt, pants (of course with my brief!lol!)
and headed my way to the school.. WEW! so much for this, i will go to the POINT!

hmm, I was there when the awarding happened and for the evidence, see below for the
overall standing and awards of each games.

COC – College of Commerce
COE – College of Education
CEA – College of Engineering and Architecture
CON – College of Nursing
CAS – College of Arts and Sciences
CCS – College of Computer Studies (which i belonged! aheheh)

Btw, as seen in the record below our team ( including CLARENCE and KEVIN) CCS was overruled by the Engineering team on which IGGY belonged. But in general, what i have learned in the whole week of Intramurals is that, there are only two teams competing, (COE-COC-CAS-CEA-CCS) vs. CON, ahehehe.. because everytime there is a game or any competition which College of Nursing is a participant, they are always BOOed! by the five unified team.. and i do not know why, because i am just a transferee!


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  1. ewwwww.. nice.. 😦

    Comment by dar | August 26, 2008 | Reply

  2. CON = taas ug pride 👿
    dunno ’bout other schools,
    but in CIT, nvm then

    Comment by clarence | August 26, 2008 | Reply

  3. cge lang ka pang chix ai…yeah CEA!!!!! weeeeee
    CON? ……….

    Comment by iggy | August 27, 2008 | Reply

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