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Global Pinoy: Empowering Through Media

Last August 22,2008, Friday, CIT’s college of arts and science held a seminar entitled Global Pinoy: Empowering through media.The topic is very interesting but what excite me most on that time is the very good speakers we have and we are proud until now that they had freed their time just to attend this seminar. Well, i start of the lady (coz i do believe, Lady’s first! lol), this is how Armida Aguilar introduced her (as far as my memory is concern..aehhe) She is the youngest Outstanding USC Alumni awardee for 2007, Campaign something for Miguel Zubiri, a previous Lawyer something of Kiko Pangilinan, and currently the Political Communications Director of Mr. Laurence Brahm in China (yes i got the last one, bte i forgot really her many prestigious position, sorry miss lesly..ahehe) oh before i forget, she is no other than Atty. Lesly Jeanne Cordero.

Me and Miss Lesly, she is a beautiful lawyer..aehhehe

The second great speaker is, (let me introduce He is the President’s youngest appointee and is the Commissioner-at-large, National Youth Commision, oh my God! i forgot some of his previous position and international awards just like Ms. Lesly…sorry sir Mike..aehhehe..and he is a very interesting man for me because in his introduction he asked the group if we know Brian Gorell and its only me who answered yes, and what ran in my mind that time was “Is Mr. Mike, a blogger?” wow.. we could share the same thoughts if he is… and i was not failed…

me and sir Mike, feeling close! (may akbay effect pa! aheheh)

So here it is, during the open forum, one student of Mass Communication asked “how we, students can handle failure because we are afraid to go down?” (this is not the complete or right questions raised, just the thought) and what the two great speakers have answered which increased my self confidence to pursue my dreams and endeavor and opened up my Leadership side of me are these:
for ms. Lesley, the quote i remembered is “Every Failure or Mistake can build a strong character” which in my own point of view is right, there will be no success if failure doesn’t exist. And part of it, we are directed on how to handle things right on the next undertaking that we will take.
for mr. Mike of the very controversial blog entitled CONFESSIONS, by the way, he was interviewed by Boy Abunda in the Abs-cbn’s Private Conversation with Boy Abunda, and what he have responded to the inquiry of the CIT stud? “Don’t be afraid, Dare to Fail!” this quote is brief and i found it concisely correct!

Me and Miss Saguin, our sexy teacher in Technical Writing and Presentation Skills in IT who invited us to join the said event..thanks!

Generally, the seminar held was one of my most memorable and interesting gatherings of young leaders and students that tackled on the National interest, controversies and concern. I just hope the attendees were not just nodding their head while the conversation went on but what i want them to have is to internalized the ideas and information shared by the two great speakers which may help us or them improved themselves not physically but professionally, spiritually and grew to the extent that they will do change in our system and environment.

the attendees who were very active in the event

and in this part, i would like to give Many many many Thanks to sir Mike and atty. Lesly for the seminar well done. I really appreciated their approach on delivering their topics on “Media and Social Change” and “Global Perspective: Dynamics of International Media Relations” even though at first when i have registered and read the Programme i did not know what are those Nosebleed thingy all about.. but because of them, i now know! aehheh.. thanks a lot guys! I wish there are more young leader just like you.. ( i am dreaming that i am one of them! lol)..

Miss Saguin, Sir Mike and some students discussing some important matters..very cool!

Miss Lesly, doing autographs to students.. bait talaga!

You can see some pictures here.


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  1. nice blog….

    just want to suggest that if you started your blog with English, you should finished it with the same language.. some might not understand what you mean on the last part. “bait talaga”..

    more power,

    Comment by richale | August 22, 2008 | Reply

  2. basi masaag si ms. Saguin diri.
    hello mam :mrgreen:

    Comment by clarence | August 22, 2008 | Reply

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