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6 days break: School Intrams

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! this is my silent shout! lol
btw, i am very happy that we are having our 1 week intramural.
Yesterday, i was able to get my College of Computer Studies’ T-shirt.

the front print

Hmm, i found the design good eventhough i already encountered some of it in the net.
But still, it is unique in the sense it has the CIT logo and our department’s name..ahhehe

back print

But what disappointed me is the t-shirt color..damn! we are in ORANGE!
a walking PONKAN? or when we are in goup what are we? BBRC prisoners? lol
anyways, i try not to care that since what really important is that we will go to the top
during this sports event.. even if, traditionally, CIT was dominated by Engineering students
as it compensate to the school’s most abused statement (lol) CIT TOPS AGAIN! ahehee
TO all my classmates and CIT students who always give time in visiting this not so well known blog,
happy Intrams, enjoy the No Class days..ya ha!


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