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My Emabarrassing moment!

huhuhuhu! i felt very small (eventhough i am physically tall and chubby..wahaha) because of the incident last Friday. I arrived at school around 1300 HRS, very early for my first subject MIDTERM exam, and then the examination started at around 1330 HRS and boastfully i finished it at around 1500 HRS and then i headed to our college Library, while i am studying, i was not able to enable the Silent mode of my phone, thus around one hour after i arrived, i received successive missed calls and even calls which rocked the whole library, all eyes staring on me and the embarrassing thing, the ringtone was the very old, BOOM TARAT2x! damn! all chicks laughing at me.. huhuhu, when they saw me in the campus, they kept teasing me with the BOOM TARAT2x moves!

So now, i reviewed my phone features and mp3s and i decided to install the Cebu’s latest craze dance the Bisaya Low Version entitled BUTETE! (lol) I knew i am too late on this but when i heard it in a cab, it is very funny that i could not help but sing along.. wahahahha

So here is the lyrics of Butete (Low Bisaya Version)

Adtong ni aging gabii
gi invite me og bertdi (og bertdi)
sa party may handang butiti (butete)
wa me balow (wa me balow)
di ay kadto maka hilow low low low…..(complete lyrics, HERE!)

and do you want Free Butete (Low Bisaya Version) mp3 download ? Click HERE!

Enjoy the show! btw, when you got chance of visiting in our school and you heard a ringtone like this…..THAT IS ME! wahahah

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  1. experience ko rin yan…buti nga walang librarian na nagagalit sayo..ako pinagalitan..

    Comment by belenandlhurey | August 4, 2008 | Reply

  2. na experience ko rin yan..hahaha

    Comment by Lhurey | August 4, 2008 | Reply

  3. This reminds me of text alert I got. A voice that says, “oy may panget na nag text”.

    That is most embarrassing when you are talking to a client. Akala niya siya lang yun ba. Patay!

    Comment by Janette Toral | August 9, 2008 | Reply

  4. Hai… kakatawa naman ung mga blogs mo Sir! hahaha I’ll be enrolling this coming 2nd sem guro or next year in CIT. I think CIT has the best IT training kxe eh… wla lang…

    Comment by jhoeann | June 15, 2009 | Reply

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