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Is being “lucky” stores only in human minds?
Are we the only one making or thinking such good or bad lucks?
the answer is..I DO NOT KNOW! lol

what is the connection? well, i am so very lucky yesterday. Let us start on my first hour in the morning. I woke up with my parents smiling on everyone (not to mention my mother’s every morning long LATIN know what i mean…lol), i then received text from my uncle that he will go and give me a ride going to Highway but before that he requested me to check their computer having problem and i found worms and got this undeletable file named br7911on.exe, which run at the background as i checked it in the Task Manager consuming the CPU usage. But this never blocked my LUCKY after that, i was served with Lunch by my Auntie with my all time favorite, sinigang..grrrrr! love it..and then i took a nap, maybe around 30-45 minutes. Again, i woke up and put my CIT polo uniform, ready for schooling, i then went away.
In my first subject, the teacher gave us a seatwork, which i have happily accomplished since i knew the formula and other freaking numbers thingie in Angle of Motion of Projectile topic..second, we have a quiz in our BIOLOGY class, and as expected i have confidently answered all questions with a big SMILE in my my FILIPINO, there was no exciting happenings but i was able to stand-out when i gave advise to one of my classmates having problem in adjusting work and study life..(leave it to the and in my MATH, well we have had a quiz on our last meeting and guess what, i topped in at number lucky indeed, and in our technical writing and presentation skills in IT subject, i topped again, in very talkative manner! btw, we were having our LEVEL 3 Library Orientation and it was so very funny that our Librarian have tried her best to teach us the meaning and uses of Internet, how to do Search Engines and etc. Well, i just kept on asking her some basic ideas just to correct those wrong informations she gave to us..i found it very LUCKY…aehhehe
My classes finished with my friend accompanying me to the Jeepney stop, and luckily(overused word), i was able to ride a jeepney without keeping myself tiring in waiting, and believe it or not, as i stood there, the specified Jeepney bound to SM CITY CEBU, came in, so i took a ride, and then as i dropped at WHITE GOLD terminal, i then rode jeepney going to CONSOLACION without even exerting sweats in and as i arrived home, my mother welcomed me with a smile and advised to eat my dinner which she had left and prepared a very delicious Viand for poor people like
and going to work, i have rode a Jeepney bound to MEPZ 1, Lapu-lapu City with no passengers on it, and i found my self very lucky when sooner, in our way to office, passengers keep coming to ride in the said Jeepney until such time it was it because of my lucky charm? lol..

So that’s it, in general, i have no decent post today and what i have experienced yesterday is what i think of a better information to be posted..aheheh


July 28, 2008 - Posted by | Cebu Institute of Technology, happenings, lapu-lapu, personal, Writeups


  1. because guwapo ka dude…mao sakay sila..

    Comment by Lhurey | July 29, 2008 | Reply

  2. haha. prolly your lucky day, man 😆

    Comment by beero | July 30, 2008 | Reply

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